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Through the first half of 2021 is Covid. This is is per a report by the National Law Enforcement Officers Fund, viewable HERE.

Per the report 71 officers were killed by Covid in the first half of this year. Per the report “each of these officers has died as a direct result of their exposure while conducting official duties.”

In August, five South Florida police officers died of Covid in one week. The above picture is from one of those funerals.

Blue lives matter.

On 9/11 He Literally Walked The Hallways Of One Of The Twin Towers With A Bullhorn Urging People To Evacuate.

What if there was a man who predicted the 1993 car bombing on the World Trade Centers and whose recommendations for enhanced parking security to prevent it were ignored?

What if there was a man who predicted another terrorist attack on the WTCs by aircraft and who strongly advised his firm to leave the WTC for a less attractive target, but his advice was ignored? What if there was a man who then compelled his firm to conduct unscheduled, surprise evacuation drills, much to the criticism of many firm senior officials who resented the intrusion into their busy days.


Regardless of your views on abortion, any sane person should regard the Texas law creating civil liability for performing, or aiding and abetting an abortion as insanity. I have never seen anything like what I am about to describe, and it is truly the closest actual “thought crime” I have seen. You can read the Texas statute HERE.

The relevant provision is § 171.208(a) of the law, which is really the heart of the statute. The provision has three subparagraphs imposing civil liability on those who do the following:

  1. performing an abortion.
  2. aiding and abetting the performing of an abortion…

What follows is somewhat lengthy but I hope others may be able to use it as a resource to show those who continue to believe in election fraud claims, and in particular the so many “affidavits” they falsely believe the courts ignored. In her 110 page decision imposing strong sanctions on Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and other attorneys who filed lawsuits in Michigan, Judge Linda Parker directly addresses many of these affidavits and the problems with them. …

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, in addition to pursuing frivolous election lawsuits, has been under indictment since 2015. The charges stem from allegations made by friend and former roommate (and fellow Republican) Byron Cook. Paxton tried to defeat the indictments in court, but failed.

Various employees subsequently accused Paxton of bribery and other crimes, which the FBI is investigating. The person who allegedly bribed Paxton (another Republican named Nate Paul) had his businesses raided by the FBI with a search warrant last August.

The allegations include that Paxton did a series of official favors for Paul in exchange for Paul…

On June 21st of this year Trump boasted that he had taken the withdrawal from Afghanistan so far that the Biden Administration couldn’t stop it if they wanted to.

I started the process. All the troops are coming back home. They couldn’t stop the process. 21 years is enough. Don’t we think? 21 years. They couldn’t stop the process. They wanted to, but it was very tough to stop.” — Donald Trump, June 21st this year, at a rally in Ohio.

It gets better. Trump’s bragging about how he made this irreversible included openly stating that it would result in…

Dominion voting machines sued Sidney Powell, her law firm, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell along with his company, My Pillow, alleging they defamed Dominion through numerous comments challenging the 2020 election. Those defendants motioned to dismiss throwing, the kitchen sink at it, with claims of lack of personal jurisdiction, lack of venue, failure to sufficiently allege malice, failure to state a cause of action for which relief can be granted, and more.

Today a Trump appointed judge denied every aspect of the motion to dismiss for every defendant. The case will now proceed. You can read the judge’s decision HERE.

Let’s be clear about this. Trump tried to steal the election, in many ways. More details are coming out about one of those ways and how pervasive it was, and how close it came to fruition. In a prior post I detailed how Trump pressured the Acting Attorney General (Jeffrey Rosen) and his Assistant Richard Donoghue to lie. Trump told them, “Just Say The Election Was Corrupt & Leave The Rest To Me.” We now know what Trump would have done with that lie.

The day after that call Jeffrey Clark, the Trump toady Trump threatened Rosen with replacing him…

He truly is and in so many ways. Allow me to list some.

  • 1st President in 28 years to not serve a second term.
  • 1st President in 45 years to not release any of his tax returns.
  • 1st President in 89 years to lose the Presidency, the House and the Senate in a single term.
  • 1st President in 129 years to lose the popular vote twice.
  • 1st President in 102 years to allow more than 120,000 Americans to die in a single virus outbreak, and he went five times beyond that.
  • 1st President ever to fail to hit a 50%…

This is a follow up to my article from eight days ago entitled “Florida #1.” Much has changed in Florida over those eight days, all of it bad, and by a lot. Eight days ago I raised alarm at Florida reporting over 12,600 new Covid cases, and 86 deaths that day.

Today’s numbers are in. Florida reported 21,683 new Covid cases today, the highest such number for Florida throughout this pandemic, and by a lot. The prior such record was in early January and was just under 20,000.

Florida’s new Covid cases today exceeded the very worst New York suffered…


Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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