A Presidential Cover Up Of Hurricane Maria Deaths.

Thousands of American Citizens Are Dead and the President Continues to Not Care.

On Trump’s watch over 4,600 American citizens died from Hurricane Maria. This is the largest American death toll from a natural disaster in over 100 years. It’s more than double the death toll from Hurricane Katrina, that shook the Bush Presidency and forced the resignation of the Chief of FEMA.

The current American President’s response to this disaster is to ignore the death toll, and to officially continue to treat the death toll as an absurd 64. Trump has not addressed that this catastrophe killed more Americans than 9/11.

Some of these deaths fall on the shoulders of a President whose response was apathetic at best, and malicious at worst. The compulsive Twitterer was slow to even tweet at all about it. He was busy with tweets calling NFL players “sons of bitches” for kneeling. When he did turn his Twitter attention to it, neither compassion nor pledges to help were the message. Instead, he blamed Puerto Rico’s debt and lamented that U.S. banks were likely to suffer.

For the scale of the disaster, FEMA assistance was weak and disorganized. It was particularly weak compared to the response to hurricanes Harvey and Irma which hit the red voting states of Texas and Florida. “The federal government had three times as many people on the ground in Texas, and twice as many in Florida, as it did in Puerto Rico.”

The President’s response would shift from mere callous indifference to flat out obstructionist. Trump endorsed a totally fake story that Puerto Rican truck drivers were stalling relief efforts by going on strike. The entire point of this malicious lie was to suggest the Puerto Rican people don’t deserve help because they aren’t doing all they can to help themselves. The President’s words discouraged even private efforts to help Puerto Rico. Trump belittled the tragedy in Puerto Rico saying it was nothing compared “to a real disaster like Katrina.”

The President did infamously go to Puerto Rico to joyously throw, as he described them, “beautiful soft paper towels” to a crowd.

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The paper towels might be a metaphor for papering over this disaster. Trump has since gloated about the wonderfulness of his performance in disaster relief. Trump still has not addressed the true death count. The President refuses to bring to the attention of the American people the thousands who really died.

This is nothing short of an incredible cover up, emanating from the highest office in the land, of the death of thousands of American citizens. In an administration rife with scandals this must be regarded as the most immoral and sickening of all.

There is a reason for this callous indifference for the people of Puerto Rico. I said it before, and I will say it again.

The President’s base does not give a damn about Puerto Rico and so the President does not either.

Much of the Trump’s base couldn’t find Puerto Rico on a map. They lump it in with Mexico as just another group of undesirable Spanish speaking people who are best kept out. They do not think of this as the death of thousands of Americans, because they really don’t think of Puerto Ricans as Americans. The law of the land be damned.

The natural disaster killed many Americans. Presidential bigotry killed some more.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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