All The President’s Lawyers

Giuliani, Powell and Ellis
  • Michael Cohen: Convicted, jailed and disbarred. Sentenced to three years in Federal prison, for among other things, lying on behalf of Trump. The statement of facts for his plea agreement treats Trump as co-conspirator in some of Cohen’s crimes.
  • Rudy Giuliani: License to practice law suspended for frivolous election challenge filings and lying about election challenges on Trump’s behalf. Disciplinary action for permanent loss of his Bar license pending. Currently the target of a criminal investigation in Fulton County Georgia. Potential target for Federal criminal prosecution as his phone and offices were the subject of search warrants with his electronic devices seized.
  • John Eastman: Architect of the plan for Mike Pence to unilaterally throw out electoral college votes to orchestrate Trump coup. Likely target of a federal criminal investigation, recently had his phone seized pursuant to a search warrant. Disciplinary action by California Bar pending. Likely target in Fulton County Georgia grand jury investigation. A Federal Judge determined it is likely Trump and Eastman committed two major felonies.
  • Jeff Clark: Central figure in the plot to fire the Acting United States Attorney General for not supporting Trump’s election lies. Bar disciplinary action pending. Home was recently searched pursuant to a probable cause warrant suggesting he is likely a target of a federal criminal investigation.
  • Sidney Powell: Leader of “Team Kraken” and its dozens of court failures challenging the election. Sanctioned by a federal judge in Michigan for filing frivolous pleadings and referred by the judge to the State Bar for disciplinary action which is pending. Potential target in Fulton County Georgia criminal investigation. Under Federal investigation for potentially diverting funds from a PAC to her defense expenses. Defendant in a massive lawsuit by Dominion Voting Machines that has survived preliminary motions to dismiss.
  • Lin Wood: Another member of Team Kraken also sanctioned by the Michigan Federal judge with referral to the State Bar with disciplinary action pending. Likely a target in the Fulton County Georgia grand jury investigation.
  • Jenna Ellis: A leader in the false election claims in Georgia is likely a target of the Fulton County grand jury investigation.
  • Joseph diGenova: Worked with Ellis in Georgia and also likely a target of the Fulton County grand jury investigation.
  • Victoria Toensing: Married to Joseph diGenova and also likely a target in Fulton County. Toensing was the subject of a search warrant that seized her phone and iCloud records.



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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80