Today the President of the United States condemned using boycotts against political opponents. Of course, he suggested it is only the “Radical Left” who engage in such shameful tactics.

Trump says “two can play that game” as if he hasn’t already played the game, and played it a lot.

I did a quick Trump Twitter Archive search for every time Trump used the word “boycott” in a tweet. It is said “there is a Trump tweet for every occasion.” In this case that’s not true. There’s about 50. In “The Great Macy’s Meltdown of 2015" alone Trump tweeted at least 14 different times calling for a boycott of Macy’s.

While there are too many such Trump tweets to repost in total, the following is a summation of all the people, companies, organizations, TV shows, and even nations Trump has advocated boycotting and a brief explanation of his reason.

  • The NFL (for kneelers)
  • Nike (for supporting NFL kneelers)
  • Harley Davidson (for manufacturing outside of United States)
  • All Apple products (for keeping cellphone data confidential)
  • Macy’s (for not supporting his immigration policy)
  • The Megyn Kelly Show (for a question she asked him in the Republican debates)
  • Fox News (for hosting the Megyn Kelly Show)
  • CNN (because it’s fake news)
  • Fake News (because it’s CNN)
  • Univision (for not supporting his immigration policy)
  • Mexico (for arresting an American who illegally entered with a gun)
  • Italy (for prosecuting Amanda Knox)
  • Bill Maher (for alleged anti-catholic statements)
  • HBO (because it hosts Bill Maher)
  • Rolling Stone (for a cover featuring Boston Marathon Bomber)

There is at least one Trump tweet for all of these, in some cases (such as Macy’s) many more. I will share a sampling.

If hypocrisy burned, Trump would be a pile of ash. Which leads to my call. Boycott hypocrites. All of them, starting with the biggest one, who just happens to be President of the United States. I urge use of #BoycottHypocrites and make it trend.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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