Dear Trump Supporters: I have some questions.

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Demagoguery breeding hero worshipping enthusiasm.

This is addressed to Trump supporters. These are true Trump supporters I am asking, not those who voted for Trump just because he was supposedly the lesser of two evils compared to Hillary Clinton. No, I am talking to those who really, genuinely believe Trump is wonderful. You know, the MAGA hat wearers cheering him on loudly like those depicted in the picture to the left.

I have some questions I hope you will answer honestly.

Do you really believe Trump won the largest Electoral College margin in the history of elections, that his Inauguration crowd was the largest on record, and he would have won the popular vote if 3+ million illegal votes had not been counted?

Did you also see the video of thousands and thousands of Muslims cheering in the streets of NYC on September 11, 2001? Do you also believe Obama’s birth certificate was faked and that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination? Have you been convinced that the United States murder rate really is the highest in 40 years? Do you believe nepotism, hiring Trump’s daughter and her husband, to key positions they have no prior experience in is the hallmark of a great leader?

Are you so gullible that you really believe Mexico will pay for the border wall and that Trump is just asking Congress to float Mexico a loan for wall construction? Do you believe an Indiana born Federal judge can’t be fair in Trump’s case because “He’s a Mexican”? Like Trump do you hesitate to condemn the KKK because parts of it might be good?

Do you still believe nobody in the Trump campaign had any contacts with Russia and that Mike Flynn is an honorable man who was railroaded by evil commie libs in the media? Do you believe the unemployment rate really is 42% and that we are “the highest taxed nation in the world”? Do you really believe the USS Carl Vinson was on its way to Korea while steaming in the opposite direction because, after all, the globe is round?

Do you agree with Trump that 100 days is a “fake standard,” wholly invented by the media, and that Trump never ever boasted that standard himself promising to Americans what he would do in 100 days? Do you really believe China went from “world class currency manipulator” to “not a currency manipulator” in the 60 days that Trump changed his position on that?

Do you similarly really believe NATO suddenly was no longer obsolete after Trump was elected because in three months he made it no longer obsolete? Do you believe Trump’s tweeting lies and insults to foreign leaders is really good for this country? Do you believe calling the prior President “sick and bad” and refusing to shake the German Chancellor’s hand are true marks of a great statesman?

Like Trump, do you believe the 1st Amendment is overrated? Like Nixon, and Hitler before him, do you truly believe our free press is the enemy of the people?

Inquiring minds want to know. Answer in comments below.

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