Extrajudicial Beatings In America

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Extrajudicial beatings are one of the trademark tools used by despotic regimes to suppress public dissent. They are not supposed to happen in America. In America, police are supposed to use force only as necessary either 1) in self defense or defense of others, or 2) to effect a lawful arrest.

The four videos below reflect use of force that cannot be characterized as either self defense or required to effect a lawful arrest.

In the first video, mystery Federal forces in Portland wail with batons on a Navy veteran who is simply standing there. With amazing self discipline and toughness he takes repeated blows without flinching or moving. There is no aggression on his part at all. He outlasts the two-handed clubbing (apparently it’s rather tiring work for the uniformed thug) until the goon squad pepper sprays him and he calmly moves on. He’s not quite superhuman, they did break his wrist.

In the second video, medics — marked with red crosses on their backpacks and shirts — are also confronted by the mystery Federal forces in Portland. They are clearly tending to a man collapsed on the sidewalk. Nonetheless they fully comply with orders to back away. Even so, as they are backing away the brown shirts assault them with their nightsticks, knock one down and then kick him. These appear to be simply thugs empowered by the government to indulge their unfettered sadistic desire to hurt people.

The next video created an international incident. Australian television reporters — plainly just reporters, what with the camera and all — are covering protests in Washington D.C. Suddenly, the cops surge forward and as they pass the reporters, the Federal thugs shield-punch the cameraman in the gut and then punch him in the head. The 1st Amendment’s freedom of the press is simply ignored in a frenzy of thuggish violence enacted against the press under the authority of the United States Government.

In the next video, a 75-year-old man in Buffalo, New York, approaches police, apparently giving them a grandfatherly tongue lashing. That’s not against the law. They shove him to the ground, and despite blood pouring out of his ear, step over him and refuse to allow others to assist him. It’s sickening to watch that blood. He suffered severe brain damage.

Of all these videos, this is the only one where the officers involved were charged. This may reflect that the perpetrators were local police and not Trump’s mystery Federal forces goon squads. Trump himself got involved by absurdly suggested the victim faked the whole thing. Trump doubled down on that insanity by further suggesting the old man’s cell phone was some sort double-naught spy secret device to blackout police communications equipment. Yes, this complete separation from reality actually happened.

Amazingly, some defend the police in these incidents, saying the victims failed to leave the area and could have been arrested. Very well. If they broke the law, then arrest them. Advise them that they are under arrest and present them the opportunity to submit to arrest. Assuming they do, any punishment will then be handed out, with due process, by our judicial system. That’s how it is supposed to work in America.

In none of these incidents did the officers involved even attempt to give those subjected to violence the opportunity to submit to arrest. Not once did the officers advise those they beat that they were under arrest or direct them to turn around to be cuffed. Had the subject then resisted arrest, force would have been permitted to arrest them, but that is not what happened.

Instead, uniformed thugs preferred the approach of administering extrajudicial beatings against individuals who were unarmed, and were not threatening either them or others. The required elements to use force either in defense or to effect arrest were simply not present.

These are simply extrajudicial beatings administered by sadists who do so overly confident that they can get away with it. They should all be charged for their assaults, as we would be. No one is above the law. Certainly, those who enforce it should not be. If anything, they should be held to a higher standard. Is that what you see in those videos?

These uniformed thugs believe they are above the law because the President tells them they are. He encourages this violence against Americans because he believes it makes him look tough — a supporter of law and order. What you see in the videos above is the opposite of law and order. Trump does this because he believes Americans will admire him for doing so. So far, all too many have. It is they who have forgotten what it means to be American.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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