Fulton County: The Next Chapter For Trump

3 min readFeb 22, 2023
Emily Kohrs On CNN

Yesterday the Foreman for the Fulton County Grand Jury that investigated election interference in Georgia came forward. Emily Kohrs made a sweeping press circuit that include the Associated Press, the New York Times, NBC, The Atlanta Constitution Journal and CNN. As I discussed yesterday, her revelations were tantalizing, and you may want to read that article first if you haven’t yet. Yesterday’s discussion mostly just reported on what she said. Today I dive deeper into the ramifications and suggestions as to what happens next.

  • Disclosure Creep. As she went through the interviews Kohrs demonstrated disclosure creep, the tendency to reveal just a bit more than in prior interviews. From the first interview she was pushing the boundaries of what the judge and prosecutor likely wanted her to stay within. Her response to being told that Trump claimed the grand jury report totally exonerated him at least tap danced on that line. She rolled her eyes and said, “Did he really say that? Oh, that’s fantastic. That’s phenomenal. I love it.” In the context of Trump’s name she was rather clearly suggesting the grand jury recommended indictment.
  • Opening The Door. Kohr’s appearances as yesterday’s media darling likely opened the door for other members of the grand jury to seek their time in the limelight. There’s a good chance others may do so now, with their own contributions to disclosure creep. The game is afoot in that regards. That’s a risk prosecutor Fani Willis must be aware of.
  • The MAGA Smear Machine. Expect the MAGA smear machine to quickly gin up and go after Emily Kohrs. She presented herself as fairly apolitical, even stated she did not vote in either 2016 or 2020. The MAGA smear operators at Fox News, and others, will dive into her social media and life history in an effort to portray her as a left wing radical. Expect them to try and smear her by claiming she has connections to Antifa/BLM. If they can’t find direct evidence against her they will use the absence of evidence to create smears by innuendo. Can’t you just hear Tucker saying, “do we even know who this lady is?” Trump has already jumped in. He went from last week absurdly crowing that the special grand jury totally exonerated him:

To yesterday whining that the whole thing was “racist in reverse.”

Expect to hear more from Trump soon.

  • Fire Under Fani. The overly generous peak into the grand jury’s deliberations, and risk that there will be more, will light a fire under Fani Willis to get the indictments going. They are overdue. It has been 29 days since she told a judge those indictments were “imminent.” I don’t think it will be many more days.




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