Game of Thrones provides a rough model for this family. In this case the Trump family is analogous to the Lannister family.

Tywin Lannister = Donald Trump. Tywin ascended to the throne only to be killed by crossbow bolts by his dwarf son while taking a crap in the crapper, not exactly on the Iron Throne, but a throne nonetheless.

Joffrey = Donald Trump, Jr. Joffrey rises to the throne after his father’s death and becomes a cruel and sadistic ruler before painfully dying from poison at his wedding feast.

Tommen = Eric Trump. Tommen rises to the throne on the death of his brother Joffrey. He is kind, but hopelessly naive, and suddenly commits suicide by jumping from a tower when the love his life is killed by his mother.

Tyrion Lannister = Barron Trump. Tyrion is a dwarf insultingly called “imp” by even his own family. They mostly try to hide him.

Cersei = Ivanka Trump. Cersei the matriarch, is an unbelievably cruel and manipulative bitch whose only redeeming trait is that she loves her children. But it works, she is currently sitting on the Iron Throne, alone and miserable.

Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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