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It’s not badly, but it aren’t perfectness.

Having Fun With the Google Translator With Foreign Reviews of My Wife’s Books.

I previously provided some tips about self publishing I’ve gleaned as the husband of a self publishing author. Here’s another bit of advice, have some fun. Last night, alcohol was involved, we had great fun using the Google Translator to translate reviews of some of my wife’s books. She recently has had a few of Regency Romances translated into German and Italian and they have begun picking up reviews on the Amazon Italy and German (DE) sites. Not knowing those languages at all, but curious to get some idea what the reviews said, we copy and pasted them into the Google translator service. The results, after splitting a bottle of wine, were sometimes quite fun.

A review for her book Scandalous Virtue, or Skandalose Tugend in the German title, translated as follows from our friends at Google.

Notwithstanding this translation I assure all that Jack is neither a cannibal or a cook.

An Italian review for Innocent Passions, or Passioni Innocenti in the Italian version, also produced some syntax fun from Google’s struggle to translate the review.

We assure all that the character Rowena does not commit suicide.

In this Italian review of Peccanti divini (or Saintly Sins in the English version) the Google translation seems to suggest the reviewer intends to hunt down the hero in real life.

You can find more about my wife’s books at

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