How Despicable and Hateful Are Trumpers?

Enough To Support Shooting Unarmed Women And Children.

As contented Americans still digested their enormous Thanksgiving feasts and argued about football games, a few hundred desperate “caravan” migrants rushed the border. A handful thew rocks. Against this unarmed mob the border patrol fired pepper spray and rubber bullets. Women and children fled in panic.

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Some Americans thought the reaction too harsh but among the MAGA crowd it was deemed insufficient. A thread I found started with a poll asking if the use of tear gas and stun guns was appropriate.

As I posted this, 93% answered “yes.” However, many wanted our brave guardians at the border to go further against unarmed women and children. They wanted real bullets. They wanted blood. They wanted murder. They wanted everything from dual 50 caliber machine guns to massive daisy cutter bombs. I’ll post a representative sampling of hate and inhumanity difficult to comprehend.


Just for the record, Mr. Mattdaddy’s profiles describes him as “loving husband, father.” That one prompted this response.

Others went on . . .

For those who don’t know, a “Daisy Cutter” is a 15,000 pound bomb. A weapon of exceptional indiscriminate killing often used in Vietnam to clear helicopter landing zones out of the jungle. It has a potential blast diameter of up to nearly 1,000 feet. It was the predecessor to the “Mother Of All Bombs” or “MOAB.”

Here we have a person, who I am sure regards themselves as a good Christian, advancing a “bullets are cheaper” economics argument.

Diane’s profile describes her as a “Christian author” and depicts her cuddling an infant.

I could go on and on with these examples for quite some time. The original post had 881 comments, many of them in this vein, at the time I prepared this article.

Of course the commentators don’t believe there really are any women and children involved. In response to my posting the picture heading this article, with the mom and two young children fleeing tear gas, the response was that it was fake, or staged “propaganda.”

This echoed similar sentiments found elsewhere on Twitter where the conspiracy was woven together based on the fact that there were actual reporters covering the event with actual cameras and stuff.

The diabolical conspirators even convinced this barefoot little girl in diapers to cry on cue.

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This conspiracy theory brought to you by the same lunatics who claim the Sandy Hook massacre was staged and the surviving families were nothing but “crisis actors.”

The sad truth is that people posting this stuff on Twitter are so morally bankrupt that they just don’t think of these people are real human beings. Encouraged by their President, they have dehumanized these refugees as “invaders” engaged in war against our nation. Accordingly, they support using weapons of war against a depersonalized enemy stripped of their humanity, as is often done with enemies in war.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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