How E. Jean Carroll Can Prove Her Case Without Donald Trump’s DNA.

4 min readSep 18, 2020

E. Jean Carroll is one of many women who claim Donald Trump sexually assaulted her. Despite so many women advancing credible claims of Donald Trump treating them exactly as he said on tape he treats women, his denial of the allegations continues to be accepted by his supporters. Trump, in typical misogynist form, dismissed Carroll’s claims by declaring her “not my type” and asserted he had never even met her. A picture of them together was quickly produced. It was these insulting denials that prompted the lawsuit as Carroll sued Trump for defamation.

Carroll With The Man Who Says He Never Met Her

Carroll claims Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room of a Bergdorf Goodman store in New York in the mid-1990s. She brings a double helix style twist to her allegation that the others do not have. She claims to have her own potential equivalent to the Monica Lewinsky’s blue stained blue dress. She claims the black dress she wore during the encounter has an unknown person’s DNA on it. Since filing the lawsuit she has sought to acquire a sample of Donald Trump’s DNA.

Trump has naturally resisted and stalled providing the DNA sample, because you know that is what an innocent man would do. His motions to stall this discovery failed. With a court ordered deadline looming for him to provide the DNA, Trump turned to Attorney General Bill Barr to rescue him. Barr obliged with an 11th hour filing seeking to have the DOJ take over defending the President in this private lawsuit and requesting that the case be removed from state court to Federal court. This had the desired effect of at least stalling the proceedings while these new motions were considered.

Carroll, and her attorneys, have alternatives to getting Donald Trump’s DNA, I urge that they pursue them.

Joseph James DeAngelo was one of the most notorious serial murderers and rapists of all time. For over a dozen years he committed at least 13 murders and 50 rapes in the California from 1973 to 1986. He made numerous phone calls, taunting victims and police. He had many nicknames to include “The Original Night Stalker” and “The Golden State Killer.”

For decades police had plenty of DNA from the unknown suspect, but they had no matches to it. However, eventually technology and great police work caught up with him. Police compared the DNA to public databases. The kind, such as “23 and me,” where you can submit your own DNA to find out about your ancestry. While Joseph DeAngelo had never used any of those services, one his relatives had. This allowed the police to determine which family the suspect was in. From there it was comparatively easy to winnow down a shortlist of suspects based on factors like age, sex, and where they lived. In short order Joseph DeAngelo was arrested and convicted in 2018.

A similar story applies to Dennis Rader, the so called BTK (for bind, torture, kill) killer. From 1974 to 1991 this sexual sadist would bind, torture and sometimes kill his victims. He too left behind plenty of DNA and sent taunting notes to the police. When other evidence suggested him as a suspect, police served a warrant on a healthcare facility to acquire the DNA of his daughter obtained from pap test she had routinely performed. That DNA confirmed a family connection to the killer.

A similar path could be available to E. Jean Carroll. Her attorneys could request virtually any member of Trump’s family volunteer to provide their DNA to see if it produces a familial match to the DNA on Carroll’s dress.

While Trump’s brothers, sons and daughters are not likely to comply there are some prospects. The most likely to agree would be Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, who has written a tell all book and hit the talk shows circuit to condemn her uncle as “the world’s most dangerous man.” Another candidate might be retired Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, the President’s sister. Maryanne Barry was taped by Mary Trump as saying that her brother has “no principles.”

A finding that the DNA on Carroll’s dress came from someone in the Trump family would go a long way towards convincing the public that Carroll’s story is true.




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