How Will Jaime Lannister Survive? (My Theory).

As Episode 4 of Season 7 concludes the at least partially reformed villain Jaime Lannister takes an ill advised charge at Daenarys Targaryen (formal titles omitted in the interest of brevity) and her wounded dragon. At point blank range the irritated dragon unleashes a cone of fire that can melt stone practically in Jaime’s face. It seems curtains for our favorite bad/good boy but at the very last second someone leaps off their horse pushing Jaime into the water, saving him from the fire.

Alas, for Jaime it seems he is out of the fryer and into briny depths of doom. The episode cuts to black as we see an armor and gold hand laden Jaime hopelessly sinking into fathoms.

Now don’t get me wrong, this cliffhanger is, in my opinion, a mere subterfuge. Hopeless as it seems for our incestuous, attempted child murdering anti-hero, I think he will somehow live. He will live for one overwhelming plot purpose. He still has to tell Cersei it was the straight talking Olenna Tyrell who killed their son Joffrey, and not their impish brother Tyrion.

Nobody else knows that and the audience seeing Cersei’s reaction to her mistake, that ended with Tyrion killing their father and defecting to Team Targaryen, is something that must be done. They even made a point of Bron asking Jaime earlier in the episode what he was down about and Jaime refusing to answer. Only Jaime can deliver the message to Wicked Queen Cersei.

I don’t see how Jaime can save himself. I don’t think he can remove his armor in time with only one good hand. Only one thing can save him . . . a dragon.

Yes, I am suggesting that Daenarys will order her dragon to gently reach in and pull Jaime out of the depths with either claws or mouth.

Why would she do so? Because Jaime’s brother Tyrion will plead for her to do so. Jaime was the only member of the Lannister family who was good and fair to Tyrion. Tyrion is there, and he must be there for some plot purpose. So far he has done nothing but watch with concern as his brother’s Army dissolved beneath dragon fire and the Dothraki light cavalry horde.

If nothing else Tyrion will convince Daenarys that Jaime will be a good hostage to negotiate concessions from Cersei. Perhaps he will be exchanged for Yara, since the PTSD suffering Theon/Reek just appeared on Dragonstone to beg for Daenarys’ help in rescuing his AC/DC sister.

And so Jaime will be saved, for at least long enough to convey Olenna’s dying message to his sister/lover. That’s how I think it might happen.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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