Judge Finds That Donald Trump Is A Criminal

2 min readFeb 16, 2024

Today New York Judge Engoron found that Donald Trump violated three different New York criminal laws. §§ 175.05 (falsifying business records in the second degree), 175.45 (issuing false financial statements) and 176.05 (insurance fraud) of the New York Penal Code. The judge found Trump civilly liable for being a criminal. You can read Engoron’s decision HERE.

To be clear this is not a criminal conviction. This was a civil case so it could not be. However, New York law allows the imposition of civil penalties for the commission of these crimes. That is what happened here.

Some other highlights of the decision.

  • Combined $364 million in penalties.
  • Judge rescinds order dissolving the Trump Organization for now. Engoron’s appointed monitor and Director of Compliance will review the organization going forward and recommend whether this should be done.
  • Allen Weisselberg and Jeffrey McConney barred from serving as officers in any New York company for life. Quote: “The evidence is overwhelming that Allen Weisselberg and Jeffrey McConney cannot be entrusted with controlling the finances of any business.”
  • Donald Trump barred from serving as an officer in any New York company, to include his own, for three years.
  • Eric Trump and Trump Junior barred from serving as an officer in any New York company for two years.
  • Trump Organization and affiliates barred from applying for loans from any New York financial institution for three years.

It is now accurate to say that a court has found that Donald Trump committed criminal fraud.




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