Kathy Lee Griffin and Trump CNN Tweets, A Tale of Double Standards.

Kathy Lee Griffin did something stupid. As part of a photo shoot she posed with a severed head of Trump.

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Yea, disgusting stuff. Dangerous stuff in a democracy. A “triggered” Trump immediately thought it tweet worthy and said she should be ashamed.

Here’s the thing. Griffin was ashamed. She tearfully apologized. Her public abasement was not good enough. She was otherwise held accountable. CNN fired her. The Secret Service visited her with an hour long interrogation.

I am not defending Griffin. She was wrong, very wrong. At least she realizes it. I merely want to compare her conduct to that of our President, and his family, to illustrate deplorably different standards.

In his never ending, childish Twitter war with CNN, Trump reposted a tweet from a modified wrestling video with Trump slamming a CNN avatar to the ground and pummeling it.

It turned out the video was the creation of raging Jew hater and racist. The man’s social media was replete with it. Even with the discovery of this Trump has not apologized or even removed the tweet. He just doesn’t do that sort of thing.
Now, his son Donald Trump Jr., has upped the game with another tweet this time feature a doctored video from the movie “Top Gun” of Donald Trump actually shooting down CNN. A giddy Trump Junior declared it “one of the best I’ve seen.”

You can more easily see the video here:

Just for the record, Trump Junior had about a dozen tweets condemning Griffin for the whole severed head bit. It’s hard to figure out why he regards that as worse than his own violence bent tweet at CNN. He claims his younger brother Barron Trump was scared by Griffin’s picture, but who knows how the children of CNN reporters and executives might be responding to his tweet shooting down CNN. Trump Junior undoubtedly does not care about that. For a family so hypersensitive to insults affecting them, they are absolutely tone deaf regarding the potential impact of what they say about others.

If CNN had done the same thing in reverse, with CNN shooting down the Trump jet, can you imagine the reaction? CNN would almost certainly be the deserved target for a visit, like the one Griffin got, from the Secret Service.

For Trump and his klan (yes, I spelled it right) there is no accountability.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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