Marie Yovanovitch’s Opening Statement Is Blistering.

Marie Yovanovitch Arrives To Testify To Congress

Marie Yovanovitch courageously testified to Congress today. She is America’s former Ambassador to Ukraine. She was replaced, at Rudy Giuliani’s request, because she interfered with his efforts to enlist Ukraine’s help in getting dirt on Trump’s political opponents. She had the audacity to insist that any such efforts go through official channels. The nerve of that woman!

By way of background, Rudy Giuliani was instrumental in her removal telling Trump she had an anti-Trump bias and that she had a “closeness” with the Bidens that was an obstacle to his efforts to push Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.

She was attacked by Trump in the now notorious transcript of his July 25th call with the President Zelenskyy of Ukraine. In that call Trump said:

She is also mentioned in the criminal indictment of the two Giuliani associates arrested on October 9th and charged with scheming to launder money from Russians and Ukrainians to Trump (and other Republican) campaigns. Amongst the influence they sought to gain was the removal of Marie Yovanovitch as Ambassador to Ukraine. Towards this end they met with Republican Congressman Pete Sessions (aka Congressman-1) seeking his influence in removing her.

To summarize. Rudy Giuliani was using corrupt Ukrainians to urge investigation into the supposed corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine dealings. While Giuliani claims he was investigating evidence of meddling in our 2016 election, these two Ukrainians were themselves engaging in laundering money to help a pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch and a Russian oligarch meddle in our 2016 election. These are the criminal sources Giuliani used.

Ambassador Yovannovitch in her testimony has an easy explanation for this. All the allegations against her made by Trump, by Giuliani, by the corrupt Ukrainians, were done simply to get her out of the way to free their own corrupt scheme supporting a bogus, evidence devoid investigation, of the Bidens. Here is some of her testimony as she addresses the lies told about her:

Yovanovitch closed with blistering comments as to what has become of the State Department under this Administration and the harm this will do to America’s standing in the world, and the security of our nation.

It’s clear the circumvention of professional diplomats to advance “the private interests” and “not the public good” is what this Ukraine scandal is all about. It is what the President’s personal attorney, not any kind of diplomat or even public employee, corruptly did on Trump’s behalf. It’s all proven by Trump’s phone call transcript, Giuliani’s public comments and the criminal complaint against Giuliani’s front men for Ukraine.

Keep in mind that Yovanovitch presents this testimony as someone who is still an employee of the State Department. This is her livelihood and has been for her productive life. That will likely now end, and America will have lost a courageous and competent servant of the people. There probably are not many of those left in this Administration.

I hope her sacrifice will not be futile.



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