More Dangerous Than Fake News Is State News.

Fox News Is America’s Pravda.

Trump’s final midterm campaign rally was preceded by reports that Sean Hannity would appear on stage and campaign for him. Hannity promptly tweeted a strong denial. While he didn’t use the term “fake news” it was clear he was treating the reports as that. Hannity assured his fans that he would be there only to cover the event, as a reporter.

Hannity lied. Trump called him onto the stage and out he came. After giving Trump a hug, Hannity then had the gall to start his comments with, “By the way, all those people in the back are fake news.” Those in the back included his own Fox News network.

Hannity would go on to give a traditional ringing campaign endorsement declaring, “the one thing that has made and defined your Presidency more than anything else is promises made, promises kept.” After touting Trump’s supposed accomplishments, “Mr. President, thank you,” truckled the “reporter” practically genuflecting. As Hannity left the stage, former Fox News President, but now White House Communications Director, Bill Shine gave Hannity a high five. Teammates congratulating each other after a “score.”

Trump next brought up fellow Fox “news” host “Justice” (as Trump called her) Jeanine Pirro. For the record Pirro was never any kind of justice. The pinnacle of her legal career was a brief stint as a judge in the Westchester County Court in New York. In that county she later also served as a District Attorney while worming her way into conservative media as a talking legal head. The President introduced her as “my friend and your friend.”

“Justice Jeanine” proceeded to the podium and delivered her own campaign speech for the President. “This man is the tip of the spear that goes out everyday and fights for us,” gushed the “reporter.”

You can watch this spectacle, here.

My fellow Americans, that fawning is what it takes to not be labeled “fake news” by the President of the United States.

Fox News is now the official news network of the President of the United States. This is not the press serving as a check on the government. This is the press becoming a partisan tool for the President. Fox News “reporters” serve now as mere props for Trump at his campaign rallies. Fox News is, effectively, the official Trump News Network.

This has gone past “fake media.” This is “state media.” Fox News is the American Pravda, nothing but a mouthpiece and propaganda organ for the head of state.

But Americans still have a choice. Sean Hannity’s word should never be regarded as credible again. The Fox News slogans of “fair and balanced” and “we report, you decide” should be viewed as nothing but sarcastic punchlines.

Turn away from state propaganda, America, because that is what Fox News has become. This cooptation of the 4th Estate is a dangerous thing for democracy. Treat this as the threat it is.

Sneak Peak at Upcoming Fox News Logo.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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