Mueller Investigation Bags Trump Administration Pedophile.

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This article is a follow up to an earlier one regarding “The Trump Child Trafficking Narrative: Reality v. Fiction.” George Nader, discussed in that article, and pictured with President Trump above, is a convicted raper of little boys and peddler in child porn. Trump had this picture taken with him knowing full well of that conviction.

The Trump Administration, and in particular Jared Kushner, have continued to extensively use Nader as a consultant and go between with Middle East governments. Nader is mentioned, largely in that capacity, a mere 448 times in Mueller’s Report generally in association with Kushner and/or Trump Junior. Some of the material associated with those mentions is redacted. Now we know why.

Nader has just been arrested again for peddling in child pornography, to include child bestiality. Feel free to read the charging affidavit, if you have the stomach for it. Suffice it to say that it is some stomach churning stuff for someone the President of the United States overrode Secret Service objections to have his picture taken with.

The charging affidavit does say the search warrant discovering this material “pertained to a matter unrelated to child pornography.” Gosh, what could that unrelated matter be? There are three clues in answer to this.

  • The aforementioned extensive discussion of Nader, and his connections to the Trump Administration, in the Mueller Report.
  • The appendices of Mueller’s Report listed over a dozen referrals of potential criminal matters unrelated to the scope of the investigation.
  • The redactions in the Mueller Report around the discussion of Nader based on not harming an active investigation.

Mueller’s team got a search warrant against Nader for purposes of their investigation, having nothing to do with child porn, and uncovered on Nader’s cell phone the disgusting videos that are the subject of this criminal indictment.

So all you Q Anoners, who is draining the swamp? Mueller is draining Trump’s swamp.

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