My Favorite Videos of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch.

I have to admit, this nerd it giddy. SpaceX just launched the largest rocket America currently has. As a test launch expectations were low but it went damn near perfect. So far the vehicle is in Earth orbit preparing for boosting into a deep space orbit around the Sun that will go as far out as Mars.

So my first favorite video is of the launch. 27 Merlin engines firing perfectly from the three Falcon 9 boosters that make up this super rocket. It is majestic.

Next up, one of the most remarkable things you will have seen in your life, but which will hopefully become routine. We were awed when SpaceX first landed one of its Falcon 9 boosters intact. Now watch two of them, landing in perfect tandem back at the Kennedy Space Center. This is real folks! I feel like I am in the future.

The only blemish on the mission so far is that the third booster, the Falcon Core, which was supposed to land on a drone ship didn’t make it. I officially raise a mug of beer in its honor.

And finally, while this was a test mission it did have that test “payload” of Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster with a spacesuit seating at the wheel dubbed “Starman.” During the launch the car’s radio was playing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Musk does have a flair for PR. Take a look at this. Once again I feel obligated to say this is real, this is not fake, this is not CGI or simulation. This is happening.

Welcome to the 21st Century folks!

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