My Rant At What Constitutes A Hanging Offense At TexAgs.Com is Texas A&M’s oldest, and by far the largest, forum for talking about Aggie sports. While sports forums dominate the website and the staff produced posts, there are other forums, to include a Politics Forum. To describe the Politics Forum as far conservative dominated, and Trump admiring, is an understatement. QAnon is a mainstream thought there, as was such wacky stuff as Birtherism and Jade Helm conspiracy theories. The Deep State stuff is deeply believed by most there. Liberals are not welcome and moderate conservatives are despised as “RINOs.”

Full disclosure, I am permanently banned from posting on because of some of my posts on the Politics Forum. I will explain the “hateful” posts leading to that ban at the end of this article.

I can still read posts there and this article was inspired by the indignation from posters on the site at the supposed incivility of Democrats towards Republicans. The denizens of the TexAgs Politics Forum are very self righteous about activists confronting Republican figures in public places, such as restaurants. They believe the mainstream media has encouraged such behavior, mostly because Trump’s Twitter account tells them so. In truth, while a few liberal lawmakers like, Maxine Waters, have encouraged such acts, most the media have condemned it.

Sometime ago, in one thread, the residents of TexAgs speculated at to what horrible things would befall a conservative who actually went so far as to suggest that Obama should be hanged. All agreed no one would be permitted to go so far with their incivility. Besides, as with the restaurant confrontations, they smugly assured themselves only liberals go so low. Conservatives are above that sort of thing. The thread concluded with a suggestion that the Secret Service and FBI should “put the fear of God into these idiots” who supposedly make hanging threats against Trump.

They have short memories at TexAgs. There was no cause for them to speculate what might happen if someone suggested Obama should be hanged, it had been suggested multiple times in their own very forum.

Check out this post from poster known as “Tom Hagen.” It gets right to the point.

“Obama should be hanged for treason.”

The post received eight “up votes,” enough to earn the honor of shading it blue in that forum. This was a common theme for Tom Hagen. On another occasion he argued a judge “should be hanged for treason” for ordering children released from Obama detention centers. That also received eight up votes. Though it’s also the one case where there was some push back from others on thread. Hagen has also posted that “Mueller should hang for treason.” On this one at least person noted how many people Hagen had said should be hung and asked if he believed anyone shouldn’t be. Hagen responded “We need a purge.”

He may be maturing though. More recently Hagen more tamely suggested only that a judge he disagreed with should be “arrested for treason and sent to Gitmo.”

Of course, if this were just one rogue poster my argument would not be very fair. But it’s not just one poster. Here “pfo” similarly states:

“Obama should be hung for treason!”

That post received 22 up votes. Perhaps the strongest statement came from valvemonkey91:

“He needs to be tried for treason found guilty and hung by his neck until dead!”

It should be noted that there is a statute that arguably touches comments like this. 18 U.S.C. 2385 defines seditious conspiracy as:

knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government.

Indeed, when a professor suggested Trump should be hung there were a fair number of calls on that Board for the professor to get a visit from the Secret Service. There were no such suggestions in the other examples involving Obama, federal judges, and Mueller above.

Finally, I promised to tell you what I was permanently banned from TexAgs for. Leading up to the election, in a thread discussing the alt-right and why it had become a thing, I posted the following:

“The alt-right is what happens when a demagogue becomes popular enough to embolden the voices of the bigots who were already there.”

For the record, that was the entirety of the post. The moderators of the TexAgs Politics Forum decided that post constituted calling fellow Aggies racists. Based on that lie, they imposed a one week ban on posting.

When that week was up, I bitterly posted a rebuttal arguing that the alt-right was a privileged organization on the site. I pointed to cases where the Democratic Party was described as racist. I argued that the bigotry within the alt-right was a current issue and that it apparently could only be discussed if you took only one side of that issue. I presented the example of this article from the conservative publication, The Federalist, that described the alt-right as racist and pointed out that this article could only be discussed if you disagreed with it.

For criticizing the moderation I was then permanently banned.

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