Republican Triggered By Uppity Blacks In Christmas Commercial.

I’d like for you to meet Lisa Leisy, of Idaho. As you can see from her now locked Twitter account bio she is a self identifying patriot and God fearing Christian. She is also the Power County Campaign Chair for Janice McGeachin’s campaign for Governor. McGeachin is running on a campaign asserting that the current Republican Governor of Idaho is just not Trumpy enough.

Having met Leisy I’d like for you to watch a brief, 15 second, Hershey’s chocolate commercial that originally aired in 2020 but is also going around this year. The commercial is a derivative of the classic where the holiday wrapped chocolates play as Christmas bells. It features only two people, a father and a daughter, who are celebrating the holidays together by making Christmas cookies.

Do you see anything wrong with that commercial? Alas, Republican Lisa Leisy does. You see, the problem with that commercial is that it has the effrontery to feature two black people. Yes, I’m serious, and she actually did this publicly, on Twitter. See her reaction for yourself.

Yes, that commercial is so far off the charts disgusting, what with those black actors and everything pretending to be a wholesome, Christmas celebrating family, that it warrants three vomit emojis. In fact, it is so disgusting that it warrants boycotting (i.e. cancelling) television in general. Ms. Leisy could not let someone defending the commercial get away with it.

I’d like to say something about her statement that the commercial is racist if it “only supports blacks only” (redundant “only” apparently added for emphasis). The commercial features two people, a father and daughter who happen to be black. In its brief 15 seconds it supports family, it supports Christmastime and the Christmas spirit, and it supports the love a father and daughter have for each other, and it supports fun. That is supporting a lot more than “blacks only.” It is supporting and celebrating everyone.

Of course, if the commercial featured only two people who were white Ms. Leisy would take no offense. In the party of Trump is anyone really surprised that Leisy believed she could tweet this with no consequence? Idaho is the most white state in America, 91% caucasian and only 0.7% black. Ms. Leisy figures that if she doesn’t see black people in life she sure as Hell shouldn’t have to tolerate seeing them on TV.

Ms. Leisy regards herself a patriot and God loving Christian. Can you imagine a reaction to this commercial that is more un-American, more lacking in Christian love and charity, and more antithetical to the spirit and message of Christmas?

Perspectives like her’s represent the real “War on Christmas.”



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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80