Roger Stone’s Indictment Goes To the Heart of Trump Campaign Collusion.

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As I have predicted for some time, former Trump Senior Campaign Advisor Roger Stone was arrested and . The arrest was dramatic and distinct from others in the Mueller investigation, as a dozen heavily armed FBI agents descended on Stone’s home early morning today to execute their arrest warrant. This contrasts with the more polite form of other Mueller investigation defendants where defendant’s counsel was contacted and asked to advise their client to report to the courthouse for arrest.

As you read , I can translate the following terms.

Organization 1 = Wikileaks

Head of Organization 1 = Julian Assange

Person 1 = Jerome Corsi

Person 2 = Randy Credico (a radio personality who was a longtime friend of Stone’s and sometime intermediary between Stone and JulianAssange/ Wikileaks).

When quoting the indictment below, I substitute the true names for the aliases to improve readability.

Stone is charged with multiple counts of lying to investigators (or Congress) and with witness tampering (encouraging Credico to lie to investigators). We shall again be told that the charge is lying and not “collusion.” Sarah Sanders has already declared, “this has nothing to do with the President, and certainly nothing to do with the White House.”

However, the indictment makes clear the charges include lying about collusion. The collusion was from the Russian GRU to Wikileaks to, through, with, and at the direction of the Trump Campaign.

Quoting from the indictment:

STONE was an official on the U.S. presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump (“Trump Campaign”) until in or around August 2015, and maintained regular contact with and publicly supported the Trump Campaign through the 2016 election.

During the summer of 2016, STONE spoke to senior Trump Campaign officials about Wikileaks and information it might have had that would be damaging to the Clinton Campaign. STONE was contacted by senior Trump Campaign officials to inquire about future releases by Wikileaks . . .

By in or around June and July 2016, STONE informed senior Trump Campaign officials that he had information indicating Wikileaks had documents whose release would be damaging to the Clinton Campaign. The head of Wikileaks [Julian Assange] was located at all relevant times at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, United Kingdom.

After the July 22, 2016 release of stolen DNC emails by Wikileaks, a senior Trump Campaign official was directed to contact STONE about any additional releases and what other damaging information Wikileaks had regarding the Clinton Campaign. STONE thereafter told the Trump Campaign about potential future releases of damaging material by Wikileaks.

So who could have “directed” a senior campaign official to contact Stone and tell Stone to do this? More on that below, but I’ll leave that for you think about. Later parts of the indictment make clear the parties involved knew they were dealing with hacked, or stolen emails. In short, Stone and the Trump Campaign knew they were peddling in stolen property.

On or about August 2, 2016, Jerome Corsi emailed STONE. Corsi wrote that he was currently in Europe and planned to return in or around mid-August. Corsi stated in part, “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging.” The phrase “friend in embassy” referred to the head of Wikileaks. Corsi added in the same email,
“Time to let more than [the Clinton Campaign chairman] to be exposed as in bed w enemy if they are not ready to drop HRC. That appears to be the game hackers are now about. Would not hurt to start suggesting HRC old, memory bad, has stroke — neither he nor she well. I expect that much of next dump focus, setting stage for Foundation debacle.”

So all that stuff about Clinton having a stroke and Trump Foundation, was a plot coordinated by Corsi and Stone through Wikileaks with the Russian GRU. It’s also important to remember that .

The collusion becomes more clear as Stone and Randy Credico begin working with Wikileaks to get specific information they believe will be most damaging to Clinton.

On or about September 18, 2016, STONE sent a text message to Randy Credico that said, “I am e-mailing u a request to pass on to [the head of Wikileaks].” Credico responded “Ok,” and added in a later text message, “[j]ust remember do not name me as your connection to Julian Assange, you had one before that you referred to.

And then this:

On or about the same day, September 18, 2016, STONE emailed Credico an article with allegations against then-candidate Clinton related to her service as Secretary of State. STONE stated, “Please ask Julian Assange for any State or HRC e-mail from August 10 to August 30 — particularly on August 20, 2011 that mention [the subject of the article] or confirm this narrative.

The “subject of the article” referred to here was almost certainly the Uranium One nonsense. Yet another Russian plot.

On or about October 1, 2016, which was a Saturday, Credico sent STONE text messages that stated, “big news Wednesday . . . now pretend u don’t know me . . . Hillary’s campaign will die this week.”

When rumors surfaced this big Wikileaks release might be delayed, Stone reassured the Trump Campaign all was well.

On or about October 3, 2016, STONE wrote to a supporter involved with the Trump Campaign, “Spoke to my friend in London last night. The payload is still coming.”

We have a very interesting tidbit here.

on or about October 3, 2016, STONE received an email from a reporter who had connections to a high-ranking Trump Campaign official that asked, “Julian Assange — what’s he got? Hope it’s good.” STONE responded in part, “It is. I’d tell [the high-ranking Trump Campaign official] but he doesn’t call me back.”

This prompts two very interesting questions. First who is the “high-ranking Trump Campaign official” referred to here? That’s actually known. Public emails show that it is Steve Bannon, Trump’s future Chief of Staff. This is interesting because the similar phrase “senior Trump Campaign official” is used above to describe someone who was “directed” to tell Stone to get more dirt from Wikileaks. If these are both Steve Bannon, ask yourself who could have “directed” Trump’s future Chief of Staff to do anything?

The second question is who is the reporter with connections to the “high-ranking Trump Campaign official” who said “hope it’s good” about the pending negative information about Clinton? Hannity? I report, you decide.

When Wikileaks delayed the email release, the Trump Campaign freaked and asked Stone where it was. Stone quickly reassured the Trump Campaign.

On or about October 4, 2016, the Julian Assange held a press conference but did not release any new materials pertaining to the Clinton Campaign. Shortly afterwards, STONE received an email from the high-ranking Trump Campaign official asking about the status of future releases by Wikileaks. STONE answered that the Julian Assange had a “[s]erious security concern” but that Wikileaks would release “a load every week going forward.”

. As discussed below, Wikileaks released the first set of Clinton emails hacked by the Russians. The release was timed, apparently, to help Trump by disrupting the impact of the release of the Access Hollywood “pussy grabbing” tape earlier that day. Further, on that day the warning of Russian efforts to meddle in the election and that WikiLeaks was part of that effort. The joint statement describes WikiLeaks as essentially an agent of the Russian government. With that context in mind, we return to the indictment.

On or about October 7, 2016, Wikileaks released the first set of emails stolen from the Clinton Campaign chairman. Shortly after Wikileaks’s release, an associate of the high ranking Trump Campaign official sent a text message to STONE that read “well done.” In subsequent conversations with senior Trump Campaign officials, STONE claimed credit for having correctly predicted the October 7, 2016 release.

A section of the specific charges against Stone reads, “STONE’s False and Misleading Testimony About Communications with the Trump Campaign.” That section reads as follows:

During his HPSCI testimony, STONE was asked, “did you discuss your conversations with the intermediary with anyone involved in the Trump campaign?” STONE falsely and misleadingly answered, “I did not.” In truth and in fact, and as described above, STONE spoke to multiple individuals involved in the Trump Campaign about what he claimed to have learned from his intermediary to Wikileaks, including the following:

a. On multiple occasions, STONE told senior Trump Campaign officials about
materials possessed by Wikileaks and the timing of future releases.

b. On or about October 3, 2016, STONE wrote to a supporter involved with the Trump Campaign, “Spoke to my friend in London last night. The payload is still coming.”

c. On or about October 4, 2016, STONE told a high-ranking Trump Campaign official that Julian Assange had a “serious security concern” but would release “a load every week going forward.”

The strongest case against Stone may involve witness intimidation against Credico. It’s over-the-top stuff, as Stone urges Credico to be like the Frank Pentangeli in The Godfather II (the Frank Pentangeli character testifies to Congress that he does not know, when he in fact, knows). But it went further than that.

Stone and Credico had a Christmas Eve 2017 series of texts where Credico (who has apparently flipped by then, though Stone doesn’t know it) twice urges Stone to “be honest with the FBI.” Stone replies, “I’m not talking to the FBI and if your smart you won’t either.”

In April 2018 Stone finds out Credico has sold him out and Stone totally flips out with death threats against Credico and his little dog, too (thus making witch hunt comparisons eerily valid).

On or about April 9, 2018, STONE wrote in an email to Credico, “You are a rat. A stoolie. You backstab your friends-run your mouth my lawyers are dying [to] Rip you to shreds.” STONE also said he would “take that dog away from you,” referring to Credico’s dog. On or about the same day, STONE wrote to Credico, “I am so ready. Let’s get it on. Prepare to die [expletive].”

All I can say after all that is, I do believe in witches.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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