Seriously, I can’t believe you posted this BS. It’s you who presented no facts, while you just flat out ignored those I posted and then falsely claimed there were none as you just regurgitated Trump’s lies about all this. Without further ado, let’s go.

This was a lawsuit filed by the US against thousands and thousands of people who were accused of discriminating.

While others were sued around the same time, it was not thousands and thousands.” The suit against Trump stood out as among the largest and most contested. This suit did not name “thousands and thousands.” It named two people, Fred Trump and Donald Trump, and one entity, Trump Management, Inc. Get out of your “bubble” and look at the lawsuit to see that. I’ll help you further, here’s a picture of the caption.

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Donald Trump did not admit to the accusations but he accepted the results of the judgement against all the accused and put in the practices to stop discrimination.

Trump fought like Hell. He swore up and down to the media he would never settle. He counter-sued and lost with the judge warning him about the frivolous claims he raised. He finally settled agreeing to put in practices to stop the discrimination, and then didn’t do it. A few years later the Department of Justice sued again for not ending the discrimination. He settled again, this time with more onerous compliance provisions.

In the last ~ 50 years he has bought and sold properties and rented and never been accused of this discrimination again. He may have had racially biased views but in 1991 he admitted he was wrong and had said bad things in the past including a $200,000 fine for hiding black employees while some people were in a casino.

You lack even the ability to stay consistent in the same paragraph. You tell us in 50 years he was “never accused of discrimination again” before admitting that 25 years ago he paid a fine for discriminating against black employees. He did not admit he was wrong. As usual for him he made no admissions, he just (yet again) claimed he never did anything wrong, and just paid the fine. He’s not into mea culpas.

Donald Trump claimed he didn’t know who David Duke was.

Which was false since he had previously talked about David Duke.

Whether you believe him or not he did when he was reminded who he was condemn him. It was a week later.

Well that whole “week later” thing would reflect the whole “reluctant” part I was talking about. Let’s look at some of that conversation from the week before where Trump put that reluctance to condemn the Klan on display:

Tapper: But I guess the question from the Anti-Defamation League is, even if you don’t know about their endorsement, there are these groups and individuals endorsing you. Would you just say unequivocally you condemn them and you don’t want their support?

Trump: Well, I have to look at the group. I mean, I don’t know what group you’re talking about. You wouldn’t want me to condemn a group that I know nothing about. I would have to look. If you would send me a list of the groups, I will do research on them. And, certainly, I would disavow if I thought there was something wrong.”

Tapper: The Ku Klux Klan?

Trump: But you may have groups in there that are totally fine, and it would be very unfair. So, give me a list of the groups, and I will let you know.”

Did you get that? Tapper specifically asks about the Klan and Trump says he can’t condemn it because “you may have groups in there that are totally fine.” That is what I mean by reluctant to condemn the Klan and those facts just flat out happened. That in the firestorm of the backlash from this Trump finally overcame his reluctance to condemn the Klan does not change the fact that he was reluctant. Now back to your next drivel.

The Mexican charge is extremely wrong. Donald Trump was in a lawsuit where a judge who was a member of Laraza (The Race) was to make a decision. All that Donald said is that because Donald has advocated building a wall the judge might not be unbiased.

That’s not “all that Donald said.” Donald attacked the judge’s ability to do his job because “He’s a Mexican.” Those are the words “Donald” used. Their inherently racist nature speaks for itself.

There is zero evidence that Jeff Sessions is a racist.

Fact: In 1986 the United States Senate, with a Republican majority, regarded the evidence of his racism as sufficient to deny him a Federal judgeship. That is what I said, and that is what happened. The evidence included allegations that he described a white civil rights attorney as “a traitor to his race.” Sessions didn’t deny saying that, claiming he didn’t remember saying it.

I have never seen a racist comment from Steve Bannon nor in all the articles I have now read in the last 6 months since the left made it a poster child of white supremacy have I read a single article in Breitbart that could be remotely called racist or white supremacist.

Then for God’s sake read the article I cited, quoted and linked in my original post. The one where Breitbart described Richard Spencer as one of the “leading intellectuals” of the alt-right movement and belittled allegations that he is a racist. Why don’t you start there before calling me “evil”? You know the article that described Spencer’s racist website as “the center for alt-right thought.” Why don’t you explain how it comes to be that Spencer coins the phrase “alt-right” and Bannon’s Breitbart adopts it declaring itself to be “the platform for the alt-right.

These facts were all in my original article. You just ignored them. Just as you ignored the whole thing about Representative Steve King and his comments.

Who is the alt-right? This is accusation again by association. Nobody knows who or what the alt-right is.

Well Breitbart knows who the alt-right is well enough to declare that Richard Spencer is one of its “leading intellectuals.” Breitbart knows who it is well enough to declare Spencer’s website as “the center for alt-right thought.” Breitbart knows who it is well enough to declare itself “the platform for the alt-right”, the name given to the movement by Spencer. So no, you don’t get to separate Spencer from Breitbart by saying he’s just “one person” when Breitbart at one time jumped all aboard that Spencer alt-right train. Those facts, that you ignored, contradict you.

I want to point out that guilt by accusation, guilt by association can be used against anybody even you.

I want to point out to you that, as the above facts establish, this is guilt by adoption, not association. Your defenses of Breitbart, and Bannon, ignore the facts. Breitbart adopted Spencer as one of the leading intellectuals of the alt-right, they adopted his website as “the center for alt-right thought” and they adopted the name he created as the description for what their website stood for. These are facts.

Your ignoring those facts is the “evil” in this dialogue, not in my presenting them.

What we get from leftists and democrats today is an incomprehensible series of accusations backed by allegations and accusations, name calling and no evidence.

The point of my citing that Federalist article describing the alt-right as a racist movement was to show that it is not just “leftists and democrats” noticing this. You ignored that point to. This supposed plot of “leftists and democrats” is the false and misleading narrative you wish to deceive people with. Or perhaps you are merely trapped in your own “bubble” of Trump lies. In that case you seem an awfully willing victim.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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