Sidney “The Kraken” Powell With Yet More Legal Troubles

Back When The Believers Believed

Sometimes Trump Attorney Sidney Powell filed many of the failed lawsuits challenging the election. Her Trumpian believers were so convinced the lawsuit would reverse the Biden election victory that they named her (and the lawsuits), “The Kraken.” She lost all of them. All of them were frivolous, many engaged in reprehensible dishonesty.

For example, in one she submitted an affidavit from a supposed former United States Army intelligence expert. This “expert” claimed Dominion and Smartmatic voting machine results were somehow manipulated by China and Iran and whoever. Powell submitted this “expert’s” testimony under the code name “Spyder” begging the court to allow his real name to remain secret. In repeated filings to the court she represented that “Spyder’s” position was so sensitive that his life would be in jeopardy if his name was revealed.

In time, what Trumper’s call the “fake media” exposed Powell’s fraud and the real reason Powell was so desperate to keep his name secret. The Washington Post discovered that the enigmatic “Spyder” is a man named Joshua Merritt. Merritt was never any kind of intelligence expert for the Army. He was in the Army for a few years as a mechanic. He got into military intelligence school, but failed it repeatedly and washed out. He confessed to the scam when WaPo contacted him and blamed Powell. Yes, this is what it looks like when an attorney suborns perjury. It was on this kind of complete garbage that Powell’s cases were built on.

Powell’s numerous frivolous filings now has her in all sorts of legal hot water.

This week Powell faces yet more legal difficulties, this time in Florida. The Florida Agricultural Commission, which oddly enough regulates charities, has filed an administrative complaint against Powell’s “Defending the Republic” group. That “charity” raises money to contest the election outcomes.

Florida’s Agricultural Commission claims Powell has been diverting Defending the Republic money to pay for her own personal legal expenses in the defamation suits against her. The Commission has ordered that the group comply with the law or face fines.

These are the corrupt people behind the election fraud claims.



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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80