Some Frightening Covid Hospitalization and ICU Numbers

As of this writing Covid hospitalizations in the United States total over 100,000 with the trend line facing almost straight up. You can see how we compare to the next closest nations, who are at least trending down.

For the record, there are about 924,000 hospital beds in the United States. With current Covid hospitalizations at about 101,000, about 11% of all American hospital beds are devoted to treating Covid patients. One in nine American hospital beds are currently occupied by Covid patients and when you put that in the context of the direction of that graph that should be frightening. Put another way, one in nine American hospital beds are not available for patients with any other problems and that figure is going to get much worse.

This becomes even more concerning when you focus the analysis on ICU beds. Nearly 20,000 Americans occupy intensive care beds with the graph once again trending almost vertically.

The United States has about 55,600 general surgical ICU beds. Over 1 in 3 such beds are already occupied by Covid patients. There are other ICU beds. Adding cardiac ICU beds, and other ICU beds (but excluding neonatal, pediatric and burn ICU beds) results in just over 78,000 ICU beds. Over a quarter of available, general ICU beds are already occupied by Covid patients. These are all ICU beds not available to patients with other conditions. That’s with the above trend line exploding up and the expected Thanksgiving Day boom in Covid cases still to come.

Dear America, don’t need hospital care over Christmas, especially ICU care, there may simply not be any left.

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