Some Of The Evidence That Could Have Been Used To Justify A FISA Warrant On Carter Page.

It’s Not Just About Steele.

The notorious Nunes Memo hides behind the fact that the FISA Warrant applications against Carter Page are classified. Thus we cannot confirm the core allegation of the Memo that the application failed to mention Steele’s potential bias of being paid for his research by Democrats. That point is contested by others who have seen the FISA applications who claim the court was informed that Steele’s research was politically sponsored. Representative Schiff states the Nunes Memo claim in this regard is “not accurate” and that the FISA court was advised that “the research was being paid for by a political entity.”

The greater point might well be that it absolutely does not matter if the FISA applications omitted mention of Steele’s potential bias. The simple truth is that those submitting the FISA applications did not have to include that Steele might be subject to this particular bias.

“When federal judges have faced similar claims in litigation, they have mostly rejected them out of hand. And when courts have been receptive to such claims, it has been because of specific facts that are likely outside the scope of the memo that will be released.”

McCabe’s testimony remains secret, so we don’t know what he really said. However, others who did hear his testimony contest the Nunes Memo’s representation of it.

However, take a look for yourself at the information I have compiled from publicly available sources of potential information that could have been used to support a probable cause FISA Warrant on Carter Page. The FISA warrant applications could have discussed, and provided evidence related to, the following:

All of this stuff could have supported the affidavit against Page, and more that we just don’t know about. However, what is in the public record is certainly more than sufficient to justify the probable cause warrant, with or without notification of Steele’s possible bias.

One more point really needs to be made. Trump claims the Obama Administration misled the court “to spy on the Trump Team.”

In fact, even according to Nunes Memo, the FISA warrant applications were submitted in October 2016, two months after Carter Page left the Trump Campaign in August 2016. The same Carter Page that the White House previously claimed was but a “minor character” merely “on the periphery” of the Trump Campaign.

Notwithstanding the obscuring efforts of the Nunes Memo, the evidence is clear that the FBI had all that was needed, and more, for a probable cause warrant.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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