Star Wars Solo: A Review (No Spoilers).

Saw Star Wars: Solo yesterday. Heard a lot of mixed reviews, and I think mixed reviews are fair. It’s not a horrible movie, it’s also not a great one.

The first half of the movie was a series of disappointingly long, and mostly boring, chase scenes. The chase scene after chase scene after chase scene came at the expense of other plot and character development. It went on so long I feared that was all the movie would be, in which case I would regard it as completely sucking.

Fortunately, the movie finally moved past that, to more intrigue based deeper story lines and character interaction, some of which was good and satisfying. The young Lando Calrissian’s character was captured well by Donald Glover. Some of Solo’s interactions with him and Chewbacca were fun.

However, even in the movie’s more plot filling later stages it still did not quite click for one simple reason. For me at least, Alden Ehrenreich was never convincing as the young Han Solo. No doubt, filling Harrison Ford’s shoes in this iconic role was a daunting challenge, but I don’t think Ehrenreich was even close to be up to it. He did not have the mannerisms or swagger down. He just did not have the “it” that Ford uniquely brought to the character. He didn’t quite have that “scruffy looking nerf herder” air about him.

That’s a central linchpin to making a movie like this work and it was not there.

The movie was still better than any of the awful prequel trilogy of movies, and it was much better than the disastrous The Lost Jedi (spelling change deliberate). However, I would rate is as below Rogue One and not in the same galaxy as The Force Awakens.

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