“Swedish PM Wants to Deploy Army In No-Go Urban Zones”? How A Lie Gets Started.

My Response To Old Friends At TexAgs.com.

This article is a response to this thread on the Politics Board at TexAgs.com. I’m talked about a fair amount in the thread but can’t respond because I am permanently banned from posting there. The story of that ban is lengthy, but it really was triggered by my taking a stand against the racism I believe is prevalent in the alt-right movement (the alt-right was rather popular on TexAgs Politics Board at the time).

The TexAgs thread focuses on a claim the Swedish PM is considering deploying the Army to counter Muslim “no-go zones” in the country. The European “no-go zone” myth is popular at TexAgs. It’s designed to justify the Muslim-phobic belief that “they” will take over if we don’t ban them. The original version of Trump’s “total and complete shutdown” Muslim ban from the campaign was quite popular on TexAgs Politics Board.

I’m discussed quite a bit on the thread to, as the denizens of the Board believe they at last firm proof of the Muslim no-go zones I long ago debunked on the Board. “Ellis Wyatt” starts it off saying “Keith says there are no no-go zones.” “Bulldog73” sarcastically adds “He’s obviously right and obviously this is just fake news/alternate facts. Snopes says so,” linking a Snopes article that I did once use to debunk the claim. The smarmy sarcasm continues with “CaptKirk” adding “There are no no-go zones. Fox lied [/KeithDB]” with “Bobbranco” adding that I “jumped on that sword frequently.” That’s a fair amount of discussion about someone who has not posted there in nearly a year.

In any event, since I cannot respond or defend myself there, I shall do so here. I really love this thread because it is a fitting testimony to how easily people will believe what they want to believe and readily accept that which confirms their beliefs rather than checking it out. The heart of the question here is whether the Swedish Prime Minister ever acknowledged the existence of “no-go zones” in his country and suggested the Army might be used to end them. As discussed below, he didn’t.

The supposed proof is an article by blogger “Tyler Durden” at Zerohedge.com. The original post in the thread quotes the Durden article as saying:

“On Wednesday, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said that Sweden would do whatever it takes, including sending in the army, to end the wave of gang violence situated in the no-go zones around the country.”

For starters “Tyler Durden” is not exactly a credible source. It’s not even a real name. It’s the name of a fictional character from the movie Fight Club. So this all starts with a blogger operating under a Fight Club pseudonym. That should generate a snicker all by itself, along with triggering BS detectors. Said BS detectors should be doubly twitching because Durden has been outed, identified as a hedge fund employee before reportedly being kicked out of the industry for insider trading.

Durden does link his supposed authority. If you look in the quote above the word “said” is hot linked. So that’s Durden’s authority for what the Swedish Prime Minister said. That hot link takes you to this Reuters Report, at last a credible authority.

But guess what? That Reuters Report does not say one word about no-go zones. Absolutely zilch. The Reuters Report does not quote the Swedish Prime Minister as saying what Durden falsely suggests he said.

The Reuters Report does make clear that the Swedish Prime Minister is very concerned about rising gang violence in the country and is considering using the Army to deal with it. The Prime Minister is quoted as saying:

“It would not be my first option to bring in the military, but I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to make sure that serious, organized crime is stamped out.”

However, at no point is the Prime Minister quoted as suggesting the problem includes “no-go zones” or anything like them. Nor is the Prime Minster quoted as tying the problem to Muslim immigrants. In fact, the article says:

“Swedish TV reported there were over 300 shootings, mostly in turf battles between gangs over drugs, protection rackets and prostitution.”

That doesn’t sound like Muslim immigrants to me, rather just old fashioned organized crime.

To be fair, the Reuters article does mention that a minority party populist movement in Sweden is “linking public concern about the rising crime rate to a large increase in the numbers of immigrants.” However, that’s not the Prime Minister and even then there is no suggestion of “no-go zones.”

So there you have it old friends at TexAgs, my response. I am sure you will regard it as true to form. I happily accept that this digging into the real facts is indeed true to form for me. Gig em.

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