The Daily Stormer Responds to Trump’s Charlottesville Speech.

Spoiler Alert: They Loved It!

In Charlottesville Virginia White Supremacists have been protesting the removal Confederate statues at the “Unite the Right” rally. The usual crowd of bigots and haters are complicit, to include White Supremacist Richard Spencer, various representatives of the KKK, and a parade of goons waiving Nazi flags and carrying shields emblazoned with fascist emblems.

This Fellow Thinks He’s As American As Apple Pie.

This “Unite the Right,” or “Unite the Whites” rally as it was dubbed, was declared a rally for the alt-right. That’s the openly racist pro-Trump political movement that boasts Steve Bannon, the President’s Strategic Advisor, as one of its proudest members.

Presidential silence in the face of the escalating violence was finally broken when one of the White Supremacists raced a car through a crowd of counter-protesters killing one and injuring many others. The perp is one of the guys holding the alt-right fascist shield in this picture.

Accused murderer Alex Fields holds the first shield with the crossed fasces on the left.

Finally the President spoke. He spoke not a single syllable of criticism for the alt-right, or against the White Supremacy cause that triggered this deadly protest. Not even the White Supremacist perpetrator who drove the car was condemned. Instead, the President, our President, condemned:

“this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence that’s on many sides. On many sides.”

This tepid response allowed the white supremacists the luxury of believing the President was mostly condemning the other side.

The neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer responded positively to the President’s speech. They relished that “he didn’t attack us.” The Daily Stormer, quite reasonably for them, concluded the President said “the antifa are haters.” The Nazis gloated that the President made no condemnation at all of the “White Nationalists supporting him” and walked out rather than address a question asking him to do so. The Daily Stormer declared the President showed “he loves us all.” They summed his speech up as “really, really good” and concluded “God bless him.”

Update: The Daily Stormer has responded to the arrest of Alex Fields. Their spin, naturally, is that this is a Jewish plot against them. They focus on his mother’s name “Samantha Bloom” and conclude:

“Bloom” is an almost exclusively Jewish name.

He looks Jewish . . . he was probably Jewish, and going there to fight Nazis, but is insane and didn’t know who he was crashing into.

The same article describes Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as greasemeisters. Unlike Trump they strongly condemned the car attack, describing it as an act of terror.

Further update:

Today the Daily Stormer posted an article discussing Heather Heyer entitled “Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident was a Fat, Childless 32-Year-Old Slut.” I wish I were making this up, but it is true. In addition to describing the victim as “too fat to dodge a Dodge” the article had this to say about her:

“Despite feigned outrage by the media, most people are glad she is dead, as she is the definition of uselessness. A 32-year-old woman without children is a burden on society and has no value . . . Had she not died yesterday, hundreds of thousands of dollars would have been spent on propping-up this gross creature who had failed to do her most basic duty — her only real duty, in fact — and reproduce. Having no children at that age, it can be assumed that she had multiple abortions, and was thus herself a child murderer.”

I realize this stuff is so over the top offensive that it is difficult to read. An argument can be made that we should not repeat it, as I just did. However, I strongly believe we need to know the full sickening nature of the mentality we are dealing with.

Go Daddy, which was the domain name provider for the Daily Stormer, finally decided this article went too far and told them they need to find a new provider.



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