The “No Evidence of Collusion” Narrative.

There is evidence, even if the story is not complete.

Trumpers are beating a drum to the chant of “there is no evidence of collusion.” It’s become ubiquitous. The claim is used to justify the President not testifying on grounds there is zero evidence of an allegation to testify about. A common theme is that Lisa Page supposedly said that over a year ago there was no evidence of collusion. The President tweeted that one himself.

As a starting point, that representation of what Lisa Page said is a lie. What Lisa Page actually testified to was that in May of 2017 there was no proof of collusion and that as of then (over a year ago) “we still couldn’t answer the question.” Page acknowledged that as of that time “it still existed in the scope of possibility that there would be literally nothing.”

That is certainly not saying there is no evidence. It seems to acknowledge some evidence, which over a year ago fell short of proof. That it was “within the scope of possibility” the investigation might not prove anything certainly suggests it was also well within the scope of possibility that it could, particularly in the context of expressly saying “we still couldn’t answer the question.” In short, the question could not be answered, at that time, either “yes” or “no.” Describing such an open question as saying “no evidence” is a dishonest characterization.

May 2017 was the month Mueller was appointed. Much new has been revealed since then, to include the revelation that Trump Junior, Manafort, and Kushner met with Russian agents in Trump Tower for the purpose of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton. Since then we have also learned of President Trump’s dictating a letter lying about the purpose of that meeting and seen Team Trump lie about the President’s dictating that letter. In May 2017 the George Papadopoulos’ lies, denying any substance of meetings with Russians, were apparently still believed by the FBI. He was not arrested until late July of that year. In October 2017 Papadopoulos would confess to having numerous meetings with Russian agents, done with the knowledge and encouragement of the campaign, aimed at getting stolen email dirt on Clinton. Since Mueller’s appointment dozens of Russian individuals and companies have been indicted for campaign meddling and Trump’s Campaign Manager (and Assistant Campaign Manager) have been convicted for illicit international financial dealings in cahoots with a Russian spy.

All that has not stopped the drumbeat chant of “there is no evidence.” Trump recently tweeted Republican Representative, and Trump toady, Trey Gowdy repeating the refrain.

What follows is a short list of evidence of collusion, it is not all inclusive, and it includes only what has been publicly revealed. We have no idea what else Mueller knows. Next time someone tells you “there is no evidence of collusion,” feel free to refer to this list.

  • Strong evidence Wikileaks was a GRU agent.
  • Trump called on Wikileaks and the Russians to get Clinton’s emails. He did this more than once. The Russian GRU obviously obliged and gave the emails to Wikileaks.
  • Trump Junior worked with Wikileaks to release materials stolen by the GRU. On October 12, 2016 WikiLeaks messaged Trump Junior with a link claiming it would provide a trove of stolen documents. The link was first created by Guccifer (the GRU) and given to Wikileaks. Trump Jr., two days later tweeted this GRU link to the world.
  • There is strong evidence Trump Campaign Advisor Roger Stone was a Wikileaks/GRU agent and had advance knowledge of stolen email releases. Stone also wrote a Breitbart editorial endorsing the GRU cover story (Guccifer 2.0) for the email releases.
  • The June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting and Junior’s emails leading up to it. Those emails told Trump Junior that the purpose of the meeting was to get email dirt on Clinton and Junior responded that if that’s what they have “I love it, especially later in the Summer.” In fact, Wikileaks released it later in the Summer, with weaponized timing just before the Democratic National Convention.
  • A lie about the Trump Tower meeting dictated by President Trump.
  • Numerous lies about the President’s dictating the lie about the Trump Tower meeting.
  • George Papadopoulos’ bragging, and confession, on his working with the campaign to collude with Russian spies to get email dirt on Clinton.
  • Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort was deep in illegal financial dealings with Russian spies.
  • Trump’s assistant campaign manger, transition manager and inauguration coordinator, Rick Gates was deep in illegal financial dealings with Russian spies.

Some may regard this evidence as falling short of absolute proof. However, to claim there is “no evidence” is false. There is quite a bit of evidence. Supporting material and links for much of this can be found on my Russia-gate Timeline.

There is also strong evidence for obstruction of justice as Trump has engaged in a pattern of behavior that cumulatively has been aimed at undermining the investigation. In addition, Trump’s personal attorney has effectively named Trump as a co-conspirator in illegal campaign financing scams to pay a porn star and Playboy model to conceal their affairs with Trump. There is also increasing evidence for illegal business and tax scams related to Trump properties.

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