The Pelosi Tapes And Sick MAGA Lies

The Pelosi Home. Note there is no wall. Another MAGA lie debunked.

I previously wrote on how Republicans responded to the attack on Paul Pelosi with sick conspiracy theories. Police reports and court filed documents quickly contradicted all the Republican nonsense, but that didn’t satisfy them. They demanded to see the tapes, police body-cams and security tapes, proving the Pelosi/police version of events true. Those videos have now been released. They confirm all the Pelosis and police said was true. They reduce the disgusting smears and lies from Republicans to commentary on their own perversions.

Let’s start with the break-in to the Pelosi house. The police said the assailant, David Depape, broke in through a door window with a hammer. Republicans claimed pictures of glass on both sides of the window disproved that. Proof that glass would naturally do so when struck from the outside did not move them. “Show us the security tape” they demanded. Well, here is the security tape.

You can see that DePape first cases the home, even appears to look at the security camera. He then leaves and returns with multiple bags/backpack. From these he removes various things, including what appears to be zip ties (which he puts in his pocket where police reports say they were found) and the hammer. He takes the hammer and wails on the door window until he can enter.

Depape entered the home and roused Paul Pelosi from his sleep. Unsurprisingly Pelosi was in his underwear (more on that in a minute). Pelosi managed to retrieve his phone from the bathroom and call 911 on speaker. The MAGAs repeatedly claimed that in this call Pelosi described Depape as a “friend.” The police always maintained that was not true, that Depape said he was a friend, but Pelosi said he didn’t know him. Well, here’s the 911 call:

Pelosi attempt to circumspectly communicate that he is in trouble without provoking Depape. At one point the 911 operator seems about to hang up telling Pelosi to call back if there is a problem. “No, no,” says Pelosi keeping the operator online. He tells her that the guy says there’s no problem, but Pelosi makes clear he has a problem. The operator directly asks Pelosi if he knows the guy. “,” says Pelosi. The exact opposite of what lying MAGAs said he said. Later the operator asks the name of the person with Pelosi and Pelosi says he doesn’t know. At that point you can hear Depape say his name is “David.” The operator asks “who is David,” and Pelosi again says, “I don’t know.” That’s when Depape says, “I’m a friend of their’s.” Pelosi quickly corrects that saying, “he says he’s a friend” while making clear he doesn’t know who the intruder is. Pelosi then makes clear Depape is making the call end, “

We get to the confrontation at the door. The one where the MAGAs repeatedly claimed both men were in their underwear. You know that’s not true from the break in video. MAGAs also claimed both men had hammers. Such lies fueled claims of a lover’s planned meeting gone wrong. Here’s the video, warning this is disturbing, at least if you are not a sicko MAGA.

Police approach the house with no clear understanding of what is going on. They knock on the door and shortly after it opens. Depape is standing there with Pelosi, holding Pelosi’s forearm. Depape is in shorts and a shirt, not underwear, you damn lying MAGAs. He has one hand on Pelosi’s forearm, preventing him from easily fleeing, and another on the head of a hammer. The police ask what is going on, and there is no clear answer. They tell Depape to drop the hammer. Depape responds, “umm no” and twists the hammer out of Pelosi’s partial grasp and proceeds to lift it up and strike Pelosi. Police quickly respond and subdue Depape.

This brutal attack has been lied about by Republicans, lampooned by Republicans and mocked by Republicans. The sickos have derived humorous pleasure about it. I have not heard one of them apologize.



Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80