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Imagine a shadow government, one that includes people who are not actual government officials or employees. The shadow government is not accountable to any governmental agency, to any oversight. Many in it are not cleared by anyone in the government at any security level. They conduct their work in secret. This work includes implementing American foreign policy to fulfill personal desires of a President rather than advancing policies to benefit the nation. They work with now indicted international mobsters to to secretly skirt regular, and accountable, channels of government. If regular and accountable government officials get in the way, this Deep State shadow government works with the international mobsters secure their removal.

This is actually happening. There really is a Deep State. It consists of international mobsters and is led by Rudy Giuliani. Led by Rudy Giuliani, these international mobsters, secretly advanced a foreign policy to help the President’s reelection and worked behind the scenes to fire a legitimate government official of integrity.

When American Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch’s anti-corruption campaign threatened Giuliani’s international mobster connections, he worked with those mobsters to have her fired. This is in her testimony to Congress, and it’s in the current indictments of those now arrested international mobsters.

Giuliani needed these mobsters. They were his primary contacts aimed at getting dirt on Hunter Biden. Working with those mobsters he helped set up the phone call where the President of the United States upon hearing of Ukraine’s need to anti-tank missiles respond, “I need a favor though.” That favor was dirt on the Bidens to help his reelection. This is a conversation he tells you was “perfect.” I suppose from his perspective it was.

The subsequent Ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, described arriving to discover this “irregular, informal channel of U . S . policy-making with respect to Ukraine” that included Giuliani (and his mobster connections). In the end, that “irregular and informal channel” held up critical military aid to Ukraine until assured an investigation of the Bidens would occur.

It turns out the Deep State is not a Trump myth. It is, rather, Trump’s own monster, serving him as its master. With the announcement that the investigation of Trump’s investigators is now a criminal one, the Deep State’s tentacles are also entwined deeply into Trump’s Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice Fox is guarding the Deep State chicken coop.

Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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