The Trumper Incel Loser Who Tried To Assassinate Judge Salas

Last night a man attempted to assassinate U.S. District Court Judge for New Jersey Esther Salas. Disguised as a FedEx deliveryman he rang the doorbell. When Salas’ 20 year old son answered a hail of bullets followed that killed Salas’ son and left her husband clinging to life. The killer was later found in his car, dead from a self inflicted gunshot.

The murderer, Roy Den Hollander, and Obama hater attorney who brought lawsuits claiming, women studies programs, ladies nights at bars and the male only draft were unconstitutional. His webpage attacks decisions of “Obamite bigots.” The lawsuit claiming the male only draft was unconstitutional gave him 15 minutes of conservative media hero fame. That was the case before Judge Salas, though she had not ruled on it yet.

Judge Salas also had a case loosely connected to Jeffrey Epstein but that seems unconnected to this attack.

Hollander’s website also has a page on “girl jokes” with not-so hilarious nuggets like this: “There’s 3.3 billion girls in this world, figure you’re attracted to 5%, factor in an active sexual life of 60 years and it works out to over 7000 babes a night. I’m still working on my first night.”

A section on Hollander’s webpage entitled “Bimbo Book Burners from Down Under” starts with a link to “Yellow, female-dog-in-heat Articles.”

In late 2016 he filed this lawsuit against a good chunk of the mainstream media asserting they violated the RICO Act by supposedly falsely reporting on the Trump Campaign. In that lawsuit he described himself as a volunteer supporter of the Trump Campaign (see Paragraph 7).

Put simply, this guy was a big time Tumper and Incel loser from the beginning.