“There Are No Rules In War” — Messages From The Wife of a Supreme Court Justice.

4 min readMar 24, 2022
Mark Meadows and Ginni Thomas said a lot to each other leading up to January 6th.

Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, was there at the rally on January 6th. She claims to have left before the violence started and claims to abhor that violence. Her connections to far right wing groups include once cohosting an event with one of those now charged with sedition. She claims her far right activism, to include continued attacks on the credibility of the election, are distanced from her relationship with her Supreme Court justice husband. They just don’t talk business with each other, she claims.

All of that, to include her rejection of violence, are called into question by texts between herself and Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. Those texts invoke martial language, evidencing potential support for violence, and disturbing possibilities of her work overlapping with that of her husband. These texts are in the possession of the January 6th Committee.

Consider the following rather appalling statement coming from the wife of a sitting Supreme Court Justice:

“The most important thing you can realize right now is that there are no rules in war.”

That statement appears in a November 14, 2020 text from Ginni Thomas to Mark Meadows and it is about the election. It followed a text to Meadows from a week earlier that said:

“Do not concede. It takes time for the army who is gathering for his back.”

We now know that an army was gathering for Trump’s back. An Army that conspired to, and then assaulted the Capitol of the United States. Of course, the politically aware, of which Ginni Thomas must certainly be included, knew this army was gathering. Trump had asked one element of that army, the Proud Boys, to “stand by,” and the Proud Boys proudly responded that were.

While Ginni claims her work isn’t discussed with her husband, who could hear cases related to the election and January 6th defendants, the texts suggest otherwise. On November 19th Ginni Thomas texted to Meadows:

“You guys fold, the evil just moves fast down underneath you all. Lots of intensifying threats coming to ACB and others.”

ACB is clearly a reference to Amy Coney Barrett, the recently appointed Supreme Court Justice pushed through in a hastened manner by Senator McConnell. How would Ginni know of any such threats regarding Barrett that were not public then, and still are not now? But’s that not all, consider this from Ginni Thomas to Meadows on November 24th:

“Thank you!! Needed that! This plus a conversation with my best friend just now… I will try to keep holding on. America is worth it!”

Who is that “best friend” referred to? WaPo in its article says that in context that is not clear. However, I can say that if I used the term “best friend” to describe someone, I’d be referring to my spouse. In fact, Justice Thomas did once say about his wife that “My wife is my best friend.”

It should be noted that this incriminating evidence comes from texts from Ginni Thomas to just one person, Mark Meadows. A whole lot more to others might out there. Further, it may not include all the texts between even those two as Meadows claimed many were privileged.

This article suggests a whole lot of question about what Ginni Thomas, and her husband, were doing to overturn the election, and possibly even incite the violence we all saw. Those questions should at least be answered. If she is subpoenaed to do so will her husband at least recuse himself from that appeal?


  • In her testimony to the January 6 Committee Ginni Thomas admits that the “best friend” she referred to in the text to Meadows was indeed her husband Clarence Thomas.
  • Ginni Thomas told the January 6 Committee that she couldn’t remember what conversation with Clarence she was referring to in her November 24, 2020 text to Meadows or what the nature of that conversation was.
  • However, read the quote again for context. “Thank you!! Needed that! This plus a conversation with my best friend just now… I will try to keep holding on. America is worth it!” What’s more, that tweet was in response to one from Meadows saying: “This is a fight of good versus evil. Evil always looks like the victor until the King of Kings triumphs. Do not grow weary in well doing. The fight continues. I have staked my career on it. Well at least my time in DC on it.” They are clearly talking about election stuff.
  • For the record, Ginni Thomas did otherwise testify that her husband was not interested in politics, that she never discussed her election efforts with him, and that he never discussed cases with her. She claimed her husband was totally unaware of her texts to Meadows.
  • Ginni’s testimony also had other suspect areas where she claimed she could not remember what she meant. She said the same about a text to Meadows that could not remember what she meant by “coup” when she texted Meadows about a coup.
  • Ginni Thomas said she regretted now things she said in the texts to Meadows and attributed some of the hyperbole in them to being overly emotional.




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