This is another thing about the conspiracy cult. They will take something bad that really did happen and widely exaggerate it, inventing bogus facts along the way.

MK Ultra is a classic example. Such a project really did exist and what happened in it was beyond reprehensible. But the conspiracy cult is not satisfied with the real facts of MK Ultra’s reprehensibility, they have to event new ones.

MK Ultra was a CIA program primarily directed at finding the perfect truth serum. It experimented with a variety of drugs for this purpose, to include LSD. Some of these experiments were conducted with consenting volunteers, but many were not. In some instances the informed consent was bogus because the “volunteers” were mental patients.

In the worst of the actions, the CIA gave LSD to completely unwitting victims, mostly their own agents. This was because they recognized people might respond differently in a controlled lab vs. in real life. In one instance, their own agent, dosed without his knowledge, suffered lingering mental instability and committed suicide.

Pretty horrific stuff, it shouldn’t require embellishment, but embellish Derek does nonetheless. This crap about the CIA “dosing small-town reservoirs” as part of MK Ultra just never happened. It’s completely made up.

The closest to anything resembling this was the CIA investigating the danger that an enemy or terrorist might contaminate the water supply of city with LSD. For this reason they asked a doctor to evaluate how much LSD it would take to contaminate the Los Angeles water supply. From this the entire conspiracy cult urban legend of the CIA contaminating reservoirs has grown.

MK Ultra was cancelled mostly because it didn’t work and because of revelations about it after Watergate. Even so, it lives on in the conspiracy cult where it is claimed the project just went deeper and continues. The objective of a truth serum has morphed into total mind control allowing the creation of an army of unwitting assassins. Every time someone flips out and commits some atrocious killing (e.g. the Sandy Hook massacre) the conspiracy cult claims the assailant was actually a field test of the new and improved MK Ultra.

Then there’s Derek’s characterization of gerrymandering as some sort of Republican “conspiracy.” What rubbish. Yes, gerrymandering exists, it’s deplorable, but both sides do it. It’s malevolent politics, not conspiracy. There are no more facts supporting Derek’s fantasy of a vast “Republican conspiracy to take control of the US through voter fraud” than there are facts supporting Donald Trump’s absurd claim that over 3 million illegal votes were cast in 2016.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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