Today’s Trump Is Mentally Ill Story

3 min readNov 24, 2021

Today Trump released the above statement further evidencing the mental illness that untethers him from reality. Some background.

The January 6 Select Committee believes Bernie Kerik participated in the early January meetings and discussions in the Willard Hotel “War Room” that were aimed at finding a means to stop the certification of the electoral college vote. It’s not contested that Kerik paid for some of the rooms used. Kerik was among many such war room players subpoenaed by the Committee.

So let’s unpack all the crazy in the Trump statement above.

“An American Patriot”

Trump describes Kerik as “an American patriot.” That, of course, is simply a euphemism for ardent supporter of Trump, which Kerik is. However, here are some facts about Mr. Kerik’s background.

  • High School dropout
  • Kerik was the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department when 9/11 happened. At the city’s expense he set up an apartment ostensibly for 9/11 first responders. In fact he used the apartment to conduct and conceal two different affairs
  • As Minister of Iraq during the Bush Administration Kerik accepted a $250,000 bribe from an Israeli billionaire for which he later pled guilty to reduced charges
  • Notwithstanding his support for the anti-illegal immigration President, Kerik had an undocumented immigrant nanny in his employ
  • Kerik was convicted for 8 counts of tax fraud and sentenced to four years in prison. He was later pardoned by Trump

Sometimes it seems that horrible citizens, even criminal citizens, make the greatest patriots in Trump world.

The Massive Trove of Voter Fraud Evidence

According to Trump Kerik has a massive trove of voter fraud evidence that has previously “remained hidden from the public.” There’s a lot to be said about this one.

As a starting point, why does it take this subpoena for Kerik to release this evidence? A subpoena in a means to compel someone unwilling to give evidence to give up the evidence. Why has Kerik been hiding this evidence from the public for all this time?

The truth, of course, is that he has no such evidence. Kerik has previously latched on to an incredibly dumb hoax, advanced by a man with a long history as a conman, where a supercomputer called “Hammer” and software called “Scorecard” hacked into voting machines and magically changed millions of votes. Kerik undoubtedly hopes to use his testimony to breathe life into this corpse.

Kerik Needs Trump to Waive Attorney/Client Privilege So He Can Comply With The Subpoena

Trump claims Kerik asked him to waive attorney/client privilege so he can comply with the subpoena. Trump declares “which I grant him!”

Of all the crazy nonsense in this statement, this is the craziest. The whole attorney/client privilege thing suffers from a very fundamental problem. Namely, the complete absence of any attorney.

Attorney/client privilege protects the communications of an attorney with their client or the work product of an attorney done on behalf of a client in the course of, or in anticipation of, litigation. So what we need here is an attorney to have communications with, or produce potentially protected work product.

Neither Trump, nor Kerik, are attorneys.




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