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“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

Top 10 Questions From The Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale.

Big events include the dramatic breach of the wall from blue dragon fire, Sansa and Arya fully reconciled, Jaime breaks from Cersei, with Sam’s help Bran sees that Jon is the true King, Jon and Dany “do it,” and Littlefinger finally dies from Arya’s efficient blade stroke. I think it interesting that one pair of siblings reconciled, while another broke up. Much remains unanswered and here are some questions we can ponder for another year until the final season starts.

10. Whatever happened to Ellaria Sand? She is last seen miserably left to watch her daughter, Tyene, die from Cersie’s vindictive poison. I guess we can assume Tyene has by now died, but what of Ellaria? Does she remain alive in the dungeons of King’s Landing? Could she perhaps be rescued by a once again courageous Theon attempting to recover his sister? A similar question may be asked of Septa Unella last seen experiencing her own shame at the hand (okay, not exactly the hand) of The Mountain.

9. How many more die at Arya’s hand? After all, she now has Littlefinger’s face to make use of. Interestingly, he was not originally on her notorious “list” but presumably became a late addition after Bran’s revelations regarding Littlefinger’s role in betraying Arya’s father. Littlefinger’s face might be useful to getting into King’s Landing, where many on her list remain, including Cersei and The Mountain. Another question is who will not die at her hand. Will Arya remove Jon Snow’s now ally The Hound from the list?

8. Where is Jaime Lannister riding off to? Breaking his incestuous affair with his cruel sister, Jaime’s bluff for her to order The Mountain to kill him works and he walks out on her. He is last seen riding North, alone (absent even his regular sidekick Bronn). Where is he going? He was notably absent his Lannister armor and attempting to conceal his golden hand. I don’t think he will be welcome at Winterfell. His news that Cersei has breached her promise to assist in the war against the undead would certainly be useful to new incestuous lovers Dany and Jon.

7. Will Tyrion ever be right about anything again? Tyrion was a surprising success as King’s Hand at King’s Landing, but as Hand to Queen Daenarys he may be the worst ever. He’s been wrong about everything, fallen for every trick and trap his relatives have set. From his disastrous battle plan to take Casterly Rock, to his being duped by Cersei in the season finale, he has not gotten anything right. He used to be the guy who was right when everyone else was wrong. He once said “I drink and I know things.” Maybe he needs to start drinking more again.

6. Why did Bran tell Sam about Jon’s origins? It was an odd conversation. Bran tells Sam that Jon is the son of a Targaryen still wrongly believing him to be a bastard. Sam tells Bran about the marriage annulment (why didn’t Bran already know that?) and Bran wargs to the wedding of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. For the first time we directly hear what we already knew, that Dany is Jon’s Aunt. We are told this as we see them making love. Until Bran oddly initiates the discussion with Sam about this he had told nobody. Was this just sloppy writing with Bran’s disclosure motivated only to facilitate he and Sam sharing information? Or has Bran perhaps foreseen his own death that would preclude his living to tell Jon (aka “Aegon”) of his true origins?

5. Are Tormund and Beric still alive? They are last seen fleeing as the wall collapses from blue dragon flame. Nothing but rubble remains, rubble the undead army promptly rumbles over. How they could survive all that is not clear. Seems unlikely the Lord of Light kept Beric alive to summarily die in a pile of ice. That would also be a waste of a cool flaming sword. Beric believes the Lord of Light repeatedly resurrected him because he is destined to kill the Night King. They are certainly close to each other right now.

4. Is Theon really finally over being Reek? Jon’s leadership seems to have turned Theon around for now as he courageously sails off to save his sister. However, we have seen Reek disappear before only to reemerge later.

3. Is Cersei really pregnant? Or was it a ruse to influence the increasingly gullible Tyrion? If she were really pregnant would she have turned father (and uncle) Jaime out so readily?

2. Is Daenarys now pregnant? She has long believed herself incapable of having children. But that prophecy came from a treacherous witch who murdered her husband and child. Shortly before they hook up Jon dismisses the source as not credible. Works for me. After all, she just lost one of her “children.”

1. How soon before Jon rides a dragon? He and Drogon seemed to bond back at Dragonstone and Jon is a Targaryen. With Drogon Daney’s steed, and Viserion now the zombie dragon mount for the Night King, only poor Rhaegal remains riderless.

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