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Translating German Reporters: Trump’s Game of Thrones Moment.

During Trump’s awkward press conference with German Chancellor Merkel the German journalists asked President Trump some tough questions. So tough they earned the admiration of their American counterparts. In one awkward moment a German reporter directly asked Trump why he says so many things he knows are not true, such as his claim Obama wiretapped him.

I have heard that while the translation of her questions were good that it actually was softened and that, in the subtleties of the German language, her questions were a good deal harsher in tone than the translation. This reminded me of the wonderful bit in Game of Thrones in the slave city of Astapor where Daenarys negotiates, through a translator, for a slave army. The slaver she is negotiating with keeps smearing Daenarys with vile insults, but he believes she does not hear them because he has instructed the translator to remove the insults when presenting his positions to Daenarys.

I won’t spoil the surprise the slaver later receives.

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