Trump Administration Openly Seeking to Subvert the 1st Amendment.

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Our President has already made clear that he regards the press as the “enemy of the American people.”

This has been a steady drumbeat from Trump, his mantra of “fake news” restated just last night at his campaign style rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His attacks on, and efforts to undermine the media’s legitimacy (even while peddling his own “fake news”) go well into his campaign. All of this long had the feel of laying the groundwork to attack the Bill of Rights. This concern is today realized.

Now the Trump Administration and the Republican Party, once MY party, are openly talking about amending the Constitution to undermine the First Amendment and our free press. This is no idle concern. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus was asked about Trump’s demands that the libel laws be “opened up” so Trump could sue the NY Times for (truthfully) reporting that his campaign is being investigated by the FBI for colluding with the Russians. The dialogue included this exchange:

Reporter: “‘Change the libel laws.’ That would require, as I understand it a Constitutional amendment. Is he [Trump] really going to pursue that, is that something he wants to pursue?”

Priebus: “I think it’s something that we’ve looked at . . . “

As the interview proceeds he later said “this is something that is being looked at.” The President of the United States is looking at amending the Constitution to subvert the first of our Founders Bill of Rights. Wrap your head around that. This is really happening

You can see the interview here:

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