Trump Admits Comey Told The Truth.

In a Fox and Friends his interview Trump admitted Comey told the truth in his testimony to Congress. In fact, Trump (in typical fashion) takes credit for making Comey tell the truth.

Trump claims his notorious “Comey better hope there are no tapes” tweet made Comey tell the truth by making Comey afraid of later being contradicted by tapes. Accordingly to Trump, this made Comey admit he did tell Trump he was not a target of a collusion investigation and made Comey admit to leaking the contents of his memos about Comey’s conversations with Trump.

Okay, let’s accept Trump’s claim as true. The “tapes tweet” frightened Comey into telling the truth, even though Comey did not contradict anything he said before. Being under oath had nothing to do with it.

That means Comey also told the truth when he said Trump demanded a loyalty pledge from him. It means Comey also told the truth when Comey said Trump pressured him to end the Flynn investigation.

Apparently Trump was not swift enough to figure out there was a double edge to the sword he swung. If possible tapes made Comey afraid to lie, compelling him to say things Trump liked, then the things Comey said that Trump didn’t like must also be true because Comey would be afraid tapes would later prove him wrong if they were lies. Trump can’t have one without the other.

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