Trump Did Call John McCain “A Loser.” Here It Is.

Stung by reports from The Atlantic and The Washington Post that President Trump repeatedly described fallen American soldiers as “losers” and “suckers.” Trump and the Administration quickly denied the claim. One problem with the denial is that it just sounded just so Trumpy. Not only did it sound like the kind of thing Trump would say, it sounded very much like what we all heard Trump say about the late Senator and former Vietnam War Senator John McCain.

Trump addressed that McCain issue head on in a series of tweets where he directly denied calling McCain a loser. Here they are:

The words “I never called John a loser” are right there.

Alas, another tweet by Trump, directly containing the words “John McCain is a loser” are in this tweet from 2015.

In context, Trump is quoting a news source about him saying that and is essentially bragging that he did. So not only did Trump say “John McCain is a loser” he bragged about saying it.

When evaluating the credibility of Trump’s denials of the stories in The Atlantic and Washington Post, it’s clear that in calling those stories false Trump’s denials are full of verifiable lies. Trump denied calling fallen soldiers “losers” just as he also denied calling former POW John McCain a loser. As he lies about one to deny the other his denials have no credibility.

What Trump Said Never Happened Did Happen

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