Trump Is Your Copilot.

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President Trump With His Hands Firmly In Control of Worldwide Aviation.

On Tuesday Trump remarkably tweeted to take credit for there being no commercial airliner deaths in 2017. Seriously, this is real:

It should be noted the last the last commercial airliner death in the United States was Feb. 12, 2009, when Colgan Air Flight 3407, stalled short of the runway at Buffalo. It fell to the ground killing all 49 onboard, plus one person on the ground. While Obama went nearly eight years without such a death, I am not aware of him ever taking credit for it. Trump does so after less than a year in office.

However, 2017 is notable in that there was not a single commercial jet airliner fatality in the entire world. This appears to be what Trump is taking credit for, which is even more absurd. Trump claims to have impacted aviation safety from China, to Russia, to Australia, to whatever far reaches of the Earth you wish to measure. Even Trump’s enemies like Iran, North Korea and Great Britain fell in line with his heretofore invisible and unmentioned aviation safety program. Trump wasn’t even President for quite all of 2017, but he takes credit for this nonetheless.

As the Washington Post points out air travel was not completely free of fatalities. Counting only commercial jet travel excludes crash fatalities in smaller prop driven planes that did occur. It also excludes the deaths of United States military personnel in military plane crashes, that also happened, and where the President’s Commander-in-Chiefness makes his responsibility at least marginally more plausible.

This is similar to the President’s taking credit for winning the supposed War Against Merry Christmas.

For the dishonest there is no greater honor than in taking credit for solving a problem that never existed and over which you had no control.

Thing is this airplane argument is a sword that cuts both ways. From here on in, any commercial airline deaths anywhere in the world, are Trump’s fault.

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