Trump Supporters Dress As Empty Seats At Tulsa Rally

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Photographic Proof Of Trump Supporters Dressed As Empty Seats

*A National American Press (NAP) Exclusive Report*

NAP has learned that thousands of Trump supporters came dressed as empty seats to the President’s Tulsa rally last night. Further, all of those doing so were women! They were all part of a new organization called Ladies In Empty Rally Seats (LIERS).

NAP obtained an exclusive interview with LIERS President, Ima Haugesbutte, whose stunning bright blue jumpsuit really did greatly resemble an empty seat at Tulsa’s BOK Center. Ms. Haugesbutte explained that LIERS is a group of women who wanted to show their support for Trump’s war against the Deep State. “Trump has made a lot of empty seats behind the desks of all those evil Deep Staters,” said Haugesbutte, “and we are just a group of nice, white, Christian ladies who wanted to honor that by appearing at the rally in empty seat costumes.”

Ms. Haugesbutte further explained that the LIERS deliberately chose to sit up near the top of the BOK Center to improve their visibility. She believes the President looked right at them and waved as he began his speech. She claims their high turnout proves lots of women support Trump. “Fake news polls say us ladies don’t support Trump, but every empty seat you saw in Tulsa last night was a woman, so that’s obviously a whole lot of women for Trump,” she said.

We asked Ms. Haugesbutte if her organization would be making appearances at future Trump rallies. “Of course,” she said, “the more Trump LIERS we can get the better.”

Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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