Trump Tweets Create Fake Scandal That Trump Demands Be Investigated.

On March 4th Trump had another early morning Twitter meltdown posting four different tweets claiming Obama tapped his phones during the Presidential campaign. I previously posted the tweets and an analysis of the credibility of Trump’s claim.

The nation, of course, demanded proof, any evidence at all. None has been provided. There is no credible evidence Trump’s phones were ever tapped, period. The bottom line remains that the only support for Trump’s early Saturday morning paranoid Twitter rant are fake news sites citing other fake news sites. Further, if the claims of these fake news sites, that the Obama Administration got a FISA order for the wire tapping, are true then it means a Federal judge determined there was probable cause that Donald Trump was knowingly assisting a foreign power against this country.

Now it turns out there will be no evidence provided and that Trump and the White House will have no further comment. Press Secretary Sean Spicer in a series of Tweets Sunday morning made this clear, stating that Trump seeks an investigation into his own vacuous claims and that there will be no further comment until that investigation is complete.

Having fabricated this scandal out of thin air Trump now seeks an investigation that he can’t comment on until completed. Trump is hiding behind the investigation to avoid answering inquiries about his lies. He commented a lot yesterday, he just didn’t provide any facts or evidence. Now he fabricates this excuse to not provide any evidence.

There is clearly a plan behind all this. Trump is desperately attempting to deflect attention from his own connections with Russia, that two of his closest appointees have already been caught lying about. There’s an old joke about a three step process on how to respond when caught in wrong doing:

Step 1: Admit nothing.

Step 2: Deny everything.

Step 3: Make counter-accusations.

With the credibility of steps 1 & 2 flagging Trump has clearly moved on to Step 3.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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