Trump’s Omarosa Tweets Provide Great Insight To His Character.

Omarosa Manigault was once a trusted member of the Trump Campaign and administration. She was Trump’s token black woman. Trump met her as a recurring contestant on The Apprentice, where he famously fired her three times. Somehow she parlayed that into becoming Trump’s “Director of African-American Outreach” in his campaign and then “Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison” in the Trump Administration. She declared herself an official “Trumplican” who crossed to the Republican Party because of Trump.

The token black woman did not last a year in the administration. On December 13, 2017 she was unceremoniously fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly. Shortly after she was fired Trump tweetedThank you Omarosa for your service! I wish you continued success.”

Omarosa then wrote a book about her experience in the Trump White House, appropriately called, Unhinged. Among other things she accused Trump of using the n-word on the set of The Apprentice and claims there are tapes to prove it, though she apparently does not have those tapes.

However, she does have other tapes.

The first she released was of Chief of Staff John Kelly firing her. It primarily attracted attention because she taped it in the White House Situation Room, an area that is supposed to be recording free. Many viewed it a serious breach of national security.

The second tape, released on August 13th, was recorded the day after her firing, and features an apparently clueless (or at least pretending to be), Donald Trump suggesting he didn’t want this to happen.

Trump: “Omarosa, what’s going on? I just saw in the news you’re thinking about leaving. What happened?”

Manigault Newman: “General Kelly — General Kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave.”

Trump: “No. Nobody even told me about it. You know, they run a big operation but I didn’t know it. I didn’t know that. Goddammit, I don’t love you leaving at all.”

This was too much for Trump who (as usual) took to his grievance to Twitter. I’d like to focus on the first two of three tweets.

So Trump admits he hired a person he knew to be “vicious, but not smart.” A view confirmed as she worked for him and she constantly missed meetings and said “really bad things.” Yet, when Trump’s Chief of Staff wants her fired because she is a “loser,” who was “nothing but problems,” Trump wanted to keep her on simply because she said great things about him.

Trump wanted to keep her on simply because she said great things about him.

Folks, these two tweets provide amazing insight into the character of this President. All that matters is that you say great things about him. He’s that pathetic. It appears Trump wanted to keep her on to fulfill the role I satirically called White House Ego Masseuse.

The third tweet is insightful too, as the President of the United States makes excuses for his un-presidentialness.

A feigned apology to the American people for not being Presidential. Trump justifies his being a lowlife by accusing another of being a lowlife. Logically, this should lead him to ask what’s so bad about being a lowlife. I’m confident he won’t think it through even that one step.

So far the President’s response to the Omarosa tapes have been far more damning to his character than the tapes themselves.

There is another lesson here for the President, and the rest of us. If a person’s biggest success in life is on reality TV, perhaps that is not a basis to place them in positions of great responsibility.

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Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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