Un-redacting The Comey Memos.

The now famous Comey Memos have mostly been publicly released. You can mostly read them here. I say “mostly” because there are some redactions. I have attempted to decipher some of the redactions as best I can.

Was Putin The First To Call The President?

The first redaction involves a circumstance as Comey recalls his January 28, 2017 dinner alone with the President. Trump discusses how he he has “serious reservations about Michael Flynn’s judgement.” By way of example he tells Comey how he was toasting Theresa May for being the first world leader to call him. Flynn interrupted Trump’s toast to tell him that someone called him before May did. Here’s the redacted version of portion of the memo redacting that mystery first caller.

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The first thing I notice was that the name of who called was short, probably only about five letters. Gosh who could that be? I filled in the blanks with my own speculation as to what they said:

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I’m not sure of the country we aren’t talking about, but Trump did have an early tense phone call with the Prime Minister of Australia. The rest of it seems to fit pretty well, right down to the bottom of the “y” in “personally” being possibly visible in the redaction.

Did Comey Tell Reince Priebus The Steele Dossier Was Corroborated?

I decided this game was so much fun to try again. In a February 8, 2018 memo Comey describes a “meet and greet” he had with then White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. The wide ranging discussion includes Priebus inappropriately directly asking if there is a FISA warrant against Michael Flynn.

The discussion also included how something ended up in a report. I speculate that something is the Steele Dossier:

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If I am correct, Comey was telling Priebus the Steele Dossier was partially corroborated by other intelligence early on.

Obviously, this is speculation, but it’s kind of fun. Feel free to take your own shots.

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