What Is The Electoral College Safe Harbor Day?

Timeline for the electoral college voting and counting

Today is the electoral college safe harbor day. The day is established by law as one that ends any disputes over the electoral college and locks in the certifications of the states against any further appeal. It is found at 3 U.S.C. § 5 and here is how it reads.

To summarize, contests for slates of electors for any state must be resolved by six days before the day fixed by law for electors to meet and vote. The electors meet and vote, by law, on December 14th. Six days before that is today.

As of today the certification of any state’s electoral college is is final (“shall be conclusive” in the words of the statute) and “shall govern in the counting of the electoral college votes.” One would think that even Trumpers could understand this.

This law means it is over. Enough states have already certified their electoral college votes to give Biden the 270 to win.

Some conservative groups have attempted to argue that the Constitution confers no authority for Congress to set this deadline, that the only Constitutional deadline is the expiration of the President’s term on January 20th. These conservative groups are ignorant of the Constitution.

I honestly don’t know what such idiots don’t understand about “Congress may determine the time of chusing the electors” in terms of empowering a statute that mandates the time of choosing the electors.

So wish everyone a #HappyElectoralCollegeSafeHarborDay.



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