Why Reneging On The Iran Deal Is Bad For America.

A Lying President Makes Us All A Nation Of Liars.

Why Should Anyone Trust America Anymore?

President’s Trump’s announcement that he is unilaterally withdrawing the United States from the nuclear deal with Iran is a disaster for this country. The Iran deal was not just with Iran but also with Great Britain, France, Germany, the European Union and Russia. With Trump’s announcement the United States breached the agreement, not Iran.

Now all nations know there is no point in signing agreements with America, we just break them. President Trump has made us a dishonorable nation that can’t be trusted to abide by its promises.

Why should North Korea make an agreement with us regarding its nukes now? An administration later we will just come back, saying the deal America agreed to was a “terrible deal” and reimpose sanctions.

Or perhaps a year later NK, with a stronger economy and learning well the lesson taught it by America, can just say it was a “bad deal” and decide to end it. We certainly would not be in a position to say there is anything wrong with doing that.

Why should Mexico renegotiate NAFTA? Why should any nation negotiate any trade agreement with the unreliable and dishonorable United States of America?

The word of America is now worthless. Trump has devalued the currency that was the reliability of the United States.

Reimposed Sanctions Will Not Be As Effective.

The sanctions that compelled Iran to the table resulting in this agreement to stall its nuclear weapons program worked so effectively because the United States was not alone. Joining us in the sanctions were our staunch allies, that Trump just betrayed. Great Britain, France, Germany and other nations of the European Union participated in the sanctions.

This was often at considerable cost to their own economies. For example, France received significant oil from Iran, that it stopped importing during the sanctions period, raising prices for oil and gas in that nation.

These nations were, and remain, strongly against Trump’s withdrawal the agreement. They advised against it. I’d say this is just another slap in their face by Trump, but it is likely the strongest yet. Trump has worked hard to alienate our strongest allies. From his insults of NATO, personal attacks on the Mayor of London, his senseless and false Britain First tweets, tweets insulting Germany claiming it owed us money for NATO defense, and so on and on.

Leaders of these nations didn’t like it but tolerated it, working hard to continue trying to engage with Trump hoping it would eventually payoff. In recent weeks the Prime Ministers of Great Britain, France and Germany all personally pilgrimaged to The White House attempting to convince their ally to not do this one thing. All to no avail. Trump answers only with more taunts, insults and policy slaps to the face like this one.

Our allies will not support our sanctions this time. Why should they? America went rogue breaching this agreement, even as Iran abided, against our allies wishes and advice. Our allies will decide we are on our own on this one. Without them, the sanctions we, standing alone, impose will not be nearly as effective. However, we will free Iran to restart its nuclear program at full speed.

Another big winner from Trump’s decision is Russia, giddy at any worsening of relations between the United States and its closest allies.

Iran Has Already Received Its Greatest Benefits From The United States Under The Agreement.

In the worst part of the the sanctions the United States froze about $100 billion in Iranian assets. As part of the agreement, the United States already returned those assets to Iran. Various conservative nut jobs claim Obama paid Iran this money, but it was their own money.

Combine that with new weaker sanctions, as our allies no longer cooperate with us in them, and it is clear the United States is just being dumb about this. Iran already got most of what they wanted from us under this deal. Now we breach the agreement allowing Iran restart its nuclear program having already received most of its benefit from the agreement.

If that seems incredibly stupid to you, that is this President for you.

The Iran Nuclear Deal was not perfect, the only thing worse is this President making America breach it now. We gain little leverage against Iran for a supposedly better deal. We succeed only in allowing them to unleash a nuclear program that could build a bomb within a year and the further massive alienation of our allies.

But at least someone will be happy, and it was to that narrow base that Trump did cater to. To Hell with the reputation of the United States, and to Hell with the world.

Written by

Retired lawyer & Army vet in The Villages of Florida. Lifelong: Republican (pre-Trump), Constitution buff, science nerd & dog lover. Twitter: @KeithDB80

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