Zervos To Depose Trump By End of Year?

Right now it sure looks that way.

Summer Zervos is a former contestant on Trump’s “The Apprentice.” She was among the now about two dozen women who allege Trump sexually assaulted them. Shortly before the 2016 election, after the release of the Access Hollywood (aka p-grabbing) tape, Zervos accused Trump of unwanted groping of her in a hotel in 2007.

This lawsuit does not focus on that alleged assault, the statute of limitations expired for that. But Trump accused Zervos of lying, saying he never even met her in a hotel. In January 2017 Zervos sued for defamation. You can read her complaint HERE.

Trump sought dismissal of the case claiming a sitting President could not be sued in state court. He lost and appealed on that question twice. In March of this year the court where that appeal was pending rejected it as moot since Trump was no longer President.

Today a hearing was held where the trial court was sympathetic to arguments from Zervos’s lawyers that the case has not moved in nearly five years. The court found that Trump can, and shall be deposed, and that all discovery (to include that deposition) should be completed by December 23d.

Merry Christmas.