Will “Q” Survive Trump’s Election Defeat?

One would think the QANon conspiracy could not survive the election. After all, the entire foundation of the theory is the belief that the enigmatic “Q” is a highly placed official of the Trump Administration whose ultra super secret “Q clearance” allows him access to the uber secret plan (that he tells the world) to round up and incarcerate the massive Satanic/Pedophile cult comprised of Democrats and Hollywood elites. Without this highly placed mole in the Trump Administration there is no “Q” and, in a sensible world, with that the conspiracy theory should die. Notably “Q” has gone silent since the election.

However, nonsense has amazing durability. QANon’s believers do not inhabit a sensible world. Given the facts deprived alternative reality fantasy world QANutters already reside in, the fact of losing this election, and even Trump’s removal from office, will not phase them. Indeed, somehow Trump’s election defeat will be worked into Q’s Plan and we will be told that it was always part of the plan. When Q’s very specific predictions for November 2017 failed to materialize, QANutters claimed the failed prediction was part of the plan itself.

QANon evolved from the Pizzagate nonsense when it was discredited. Trump’s defeat will merely compel the evolution the QANon conspiracy into a slightly different form, but Trump’s defeat will not end it. The name of the conspiracy may change but the hateful and malevolent beliefs behind it will not. The cult will go on.

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